Big Tobacco Is GASPING For Breath

Make ONE simple move on this tiny
$2 company today for a shot at up to
5X your money from Big Tobacco’s
last-ditch bid for survival

Fellow trader,

For decades they’ve been the portrait of an industry “too big to fail.”

And on paper, 2020 SHOULD have been a tobacco executive’s dream: stressed out, bored consumers… many with extra spending money and nowhere to go.

It should have been a perfect storm for a sales boom… instead, all it did was highlight a troubling truth.

Big Tobacco is in BIG trouble…

There’s no denying it…

Big Tobacco is in a massive decline… and the industry is “gasping for air.”

Cigarette sales have plummeted across the board for years.

Analysts are now predicting cigarette smokers may disappear completely within the next 3 decades.

But Big Tobacco isn’t going down without a fight.

iconThe rise of anti-smoking activism in the 1960s led to the Tobacco Industry Research Committee spending more than 40 years countering this messaging in every form of media.

iconIncreasing taxes to stifle their growth led to further investment in lobbyists to tip the regulatory scales back in their favor.

iconWarning labels… advertising bans… TV networks banning cigarette usage on TV… none of them had any discernible effect as tobacco companies kept making profits.

Big Tobacco has taken the hits from all directions.

And they’ve always been able to “roll with the punches”… until now.

The cracks are starting to show… and they’re pulling out all the stops to save themselves.

Including moving into a sector once considered “too taboo” to touch.

This once “off-limits” investment could be
Big Tobacco’s last lifeline… and your shot at triple-digit gains.

The “too taboo” sector in question?


This isn’t me blowing smoke, either: one Big Tobacco giant recently cut a $175+ million check to buy a huge stake in a small, virtually unknown cannabis company.

But why would they even bother diving into the cannabis industry in the first place?

The shocking answer couldn’t be simpler.

As their industry withers, Big Tobacco executives are forced to watch marijuana sales continue climbing — and I don’t think it will be long before legal marijuana sales eclipse tobacco sales altogether.

Big Tobacco doesn’t just want in… they NEED in. Desperately.

And as the cannabis industry continues to skyrocket…

I believe shares of one “tiny” $2 cannabis company are perfectly positioned to shoot up 415%… or more.

That’s enough to turn a modest $5,000 investment into a $20,791 windfall…

A solid $10,000 investment into a $41,582 pile of cash…

Or a bullish $25,000 bet into a life-changing $103,955 stockpile!

How can I be so sure?

As cigarette sales go up in smoke…
Millions of new cannabis users are
entering the market

To put things into perspective, while tobacco sales remained flat for the year, cannabis sales smashed record after record in 2020.

Handing shareholders of some cannabis outfits the opportunity to walk away with triple-digit gains… over and over again.

Like dispensary operator Jushi Holdings (JUSHF), who clocked in a 337.31% return in 2020.

Which would turn a $10,000 investment into $33,731.

Then there’s TerrAscend (TRSSF): this dispensary operator notched a 400% return last year:

Enough to turn $10,000 into a cool $40,000 jackpot.

One of the most impressive of all though came from an outfit called GrowGeneration (GRWG).

This company was one of the top stocks on Wall Street in 2020, delivering a stunning 848.58% from January to December:

That would turn a $10,000 investment into an $84,858 pile of cash!

There is no denying that Cannabis is delivering huge returns, across the board.

While tobacco executives mull over the idea that cigarette smokers could soon disappear into thin air and watch as their profits continue to tumble…

Colorado-based cannabis research firm BDSA predicts there will be 3 million new cannabis customers this year alone!

I believe this is exactly why Big Tobacco sees the cannabis industry as their last lifeline.

Tobacco executives may be a lot of things… but stupid isn’t one of them.

They know their product is going to go away (or at the very least shrink to a mere sliver of what it was before)… so they’ve begun to sink their claws into a product whose upside seems virtually limitless…

iconImperial Brands — makers of Winston, Salem, Dutch Masters, and other big cigarette and cigar brands — invested nearly $10 million in Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies.

iconMarlboro’s parent company, Altria, pumped $1.8 billion into Canadian cannabis company Cronos.

iconAlliance One International (now Pyxus) — a leaf tobacco company — grabbed a whopping 80% stake in GoldLeaf Pharm, a pot growing facility.

Of course, you’re not likely to hear the CEOs from Imperial, Altria, or Alliance One admitting in any interviews what they’re trying to do here.

They’ll likely state that they are just looking to “diversify our product offerings.”

After all, the more products you sell, the less risk there is to the overall business if one of them fails, right?

But I’m certain there is an ulterior motive.

They don’t want to just sell a few cannabis products.

Big Tobacco wants to dominate the cannabis industry…

And one tiny $2 pot stock could be the key (and your shot at turning every $5,000 into as much as $20,791).

But before they can even get their feet wet in this sector, Big Tobacco needs these smaller cannabis companies to “show them the ropes” (more on that in just a moment).

In the United States, the marijuana market is still much like the Wild West.

Think about it for a moment…

Even with more than half the country having some sort of legal cannabis sales in America (whether medical or recreational)…

Not a single one of these companies can be listed on a U.S stock exchange… and most banks don’t want to touch them with a 10-foot pole.

So, at first glance, Big Tobacco’s deep dive into the cannabis industry might seem like a lost cause.

But I’ve just uncovered a “backdoor” opportunity that lets one Big Tobacco company legally “cut their teeth” in the marijuana market… while potentially handing you gains as high as 415% in the coming months.

Cannabis is Big Tobacco’s Only Hope

The evidence is clear cigarette smokers are going the way of the “dodo bird.”

And with millions of potential new customers waiting on the sidelines.

The Big Tobacco giants are hungry to snap up that marijuana market share the moment it’s fully legalized in the United States… but they’re not sitting on their thumbs while they wait.

In fact, they’re cutting checks to smaller cannabis companies right now for one simple reason…

It’s not “diversification.”

It’s not even greed.

It’s about survival.

And I believe the only clear-cut path to surviving the coming collapse of their industry is to sink their teeth into the cannabis industry… learn the ins and outs of the marijuana market before federal legalization sweeps the nation…

Then dominate it.

As marijuana continues to grow in popularity (and the push for legalization marches forward), Big Tobacco doesn’t just want to be the ones grabbing those new customers…

No, as their old business bleeds away, they need them… desperately.

Now, you may not like what’s happening. You may think tobacco companies investing billions into marijuana is a bad thing.

You may even look forward to the day Big Tobacco disappears for good.

Regardless of how you feel about tobacco or cannabis…

It’s not my job to make judgements or wax poetic about how things “ought to be.”

It’s to call things as I see them…

And point investors to the biggest profit opportunities behind them. And right now, I see a potentially life-changing opportunity barreling straight towards us… one that you can’t afford to overlook.

Want a clearer picture of the profit potential on the table today?

Let’s look at what happened when another “vice” sector turned to cannabis.

This company poured billions into ONE cannabis partnership… the profits that followed were simply SHOCKING

In contrast to tobacco, the alcohol industry is as strong as ever.

But they never stop looking for ways to make more money.

In October of 2017, Constellation Brands, the parent company of beer maker Corona and Modelo, wrote a check to cannabis producer Canopy Growth, acquiring around 10% of the company for $191 million.

And they’ve only continued to increase their stake:

Constellation wouldn’t be investing this much, this often, into Canopy if this deal wasn’t profitable.

But that’s not why I wanted to make note of this deal.

Constellation Brands Sends Canopy Growth (CGC) Investors +415.82% Gains in Under a Year

After this partnership was announced, Canopy’s stock went through the roof, peaking at 415.82% in just under a year…

Every $5,000 invested in Canopy before the announcement was made could have been cashed out at $20,791.

Compare that to cigarette-maker Philip Morris (PM) during that same time period, whose share price dropped -26.45%.

That means the same $5,000 invested in Philip Morris would have handed you a painful $1,322.50 loss.

Which would you rather end up with:

A gain of $15,791???

Or a $1,322.50 loss?


Easy choice, right?

But it doesn’t end there…

You could have put that same $5,000 into British American Tobacco (BTI) and lost $1,259.50…

Or Japan Tobacco International (JAPAY), which would have cost you $1,226.50.

Starting to see the big picture?

When one “vice” company starts snapping up shares of another, big profits are bound to follow.

And while you may have missed out on the storm of profits that came from deals like the one from Constellation Brands, you haven’t missed out on the profits I believe are coming down the pike as Big Tobacco begins muscling in on the action in the booming marijuana market…

That is IF you act now.

Because I’ve just uncovered an opportunity that could soon rocket right past that 415% gain from Canopy Growth

That’s enough to turn $5,000 into as much as $20,791 (or more).

And best of all, right now it’s trading for around $2 a share.

Of course, nothing in the stock market is guaranteed.

But even if I’m half right, and investors only see returns as high as 208%…

That’s still enough to more than triple your money and turn $5,000 into a $10,396 windfall.

In just a moment, I’ll lay out everything you need to know about this incredible profit opportunity.

But before we get to that, there’s something we haven’t talked about yet that I want to make crystal clear…

All of these cannabis companies collecting these massive cash infusions from Big Tobacco have ONE thing in common… and it’s this “common denominator” that could be the key to this 5X your money opportunity.

Why is Big Tobacco betting big
across the border?

Even though marijuana legalization has been pushed hard in the mainstream media over the past few years, the DEA still considers it a Schedule 1 drug.

That means marijuana is in the same category as heroin, LSD, ecstasy, and peyote.

But that’s not the case with our neighbor to the north…

In Canada, cannabis is 100% legal.

And while everyone waits for it to be fully legalized here in America…

Tobacco companies can just pick up minority stakes in cannabis companies and test out new products and perfect marketing tactics in an already established (and growing) market.

It’s like these giant tobacco corporations have signed up for apprenticeships — getting real-world experience before going out on their own.

After all, when (not if) cannabis becomes fully legal in the United States…

Who will be ready to profit from it: the company that’s been sitting on their thumbs waiting for the opportunity to fall into their laps…

Or the one that spent the last few years putting together the perfect marketing plan, wining and dining distributors, and cutting through all the red tape and legal issues… so they can hit the ground running the moment legal marijuana gets the greenlight?

I believe this bold move will pay off in spades

Right now, Big Tobacco is pumping billions of dollars into smaller Canadian pot companies.

Think of it as a sort of “tuition payment” that gives them “free reign” to study everything about the cannabis industry, without diving in headfirst…

Giving them a massive head start over companies that are waiting until marijuana gets the green light in America.

This “jump on the competition” is exactly what Big Tobacco excels at…

Because instead of being an “also ran”…

It gives them the chance to develop GO-TO pot products.

Like iPads are for tablet users.

Or Kleenex is for tissue buyers.

Or Band-Aids are for cuts and scrapes.

And while they bide their time waiting for the American pot market to open…

Smart investors can use Big Tobacco’s bold moves across the border to rack up big wins — like this 5X-your-money opportunity on the table today.

Remember, Canada is just the laboratory.

The real money — and the key to Big Tobacco’s very survival — lies in the U.S. cannabis market.

Which means you need to stake your claim on this opportunity TODAY…

I’ve condensed every ounce of my research into a simple, easy-to-read report that I want to give you — absolutely free.

Up in Smoke: How Big Tobacco’s $2 “Lifeline” Could 5x Your Money
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Inside this exclusive report I reveal exactly why I believe this tiny $2 company is the prime target to breathe fresh air into Big Tobacco as they gear up to dominate the cannabis market.

This under-the-radar stock boasts a surprising number of benefits for Big Tobacco, including:

And unlike other Canadian cannabis companies that are simply cashing in the billions these Big Tobacco behemoths are sending their way…

I believe the tiny $2 company I reveal inside this in-depth exposé, sees the writing on the wall…

And are smart enough to understand these cash infusions could easily be turned into a lifelong partnership that benefits both parties (as proven out by Constellation Brand’s partnership with Canopy Growth).

This isn’t a “pie in the sky” prediction either… the partnership has already taken root, in fact…

And investors are seeing the early results.

At the start of 2021, this tiny $2 cannabis company offered a market cap of only $424.72 million.

And yet they caught the eye of one of the world’s leading tobacco companies… boasting a market cap of $91.6 billion.

In other words, the tobacco giant was more than 215 times its size.

And yet, this they cut a check for $176.6 million to buy up a 20% stake in this virtually-unknown Canadian cannabis company.

In the days immediately following the announcement of the deal, the cannabis company’s stock shot up 53.63%:

That means a shareholder with $5,000 invested in this little pot company saw his investment shoot up to $7,681.50.

And that was just on the announcement.

Even though the tobacco company is much larger… with much deeper pockets than this $2 underdog… it’s clear that this is definitely NOT a one sided partnership.

In fact, they’ve taken things a step further…

With an infusion of cash from the tobacco giant, this tiny pot company built a new, state-of-the-art R&D facility… with enough left over to fund their research the foreseeable future.

And the tobacco company gets access to their research, resources, scientists, product developers, distributors, and marketing resources…

The full toolkit they need to hit the ground running the moment U.S. legalization gets the greenlight.

But we’re not waiting for legalization to snap up shares of this tiny player… and neither should you.

Because while this company is still effectively under-the-radar for now… I don’t expect it to stay a secret much longer.

Make your move on this $2 pot stock today and you could soon be sitting on up to 5x your money.

WARNING: This exclusive report is not available to the public and won’t be sold anywhere… at any price.

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Big Tobacco is about to send this cannabis company into the stratosphere —
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Amber Hestla
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