Tiny San Diego Firm Patents World’s First…

Addiction-Proof “MARIJUANA PILL” to Replace Deadly Opioids for Good

Here’s how this tiny pill could demolish Big Pharma’s deadly $26.3 Billion opioid scam…

And how you can set yourself up to collect a
feel-good fortune when it does… potentially
as early as November 8th

Dear Reader,

On November 8, 2021…

This tiny San Diego firm could make an announcement that radically increases your wealth… and saves millions of lives.

How is this possible?

In short, this tiny firm holds the patent on a safe, revolutionary new marijuana-based alternative to opioid pain-meds like Oxycodone…

Nothing like it has ever been developed before…

It goes far beyond what experts previously knew about marijuana…

It could be the final nail in the coffin for the $26.3 billion opioid pain market…

And potentially unleash a profit opportunity unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

The best part — depending on your starting stake…

Simply put, this new treatment could save the lives of millions of Americans that are hooked on Big Pharma’s deadly drugs to cure their pain…

(These are the same deadly drugs that are already restricted in at least 33 states.)

Catapulting the tiny San Diego firm behind this revolution to instant global stardom and all-but-guaranteed historic growth…

I’m talking growth with the potential to turn a single modest paycheck into a massive family fortune… starting just days from now.

YOU get to be part of the solution and potentially get rich helping millions of Americans finally say ‘NO!’ to Big Pharma and their addictive drugs.

John WTo show you what a life changing effect this could have…

Meet John W. He’s a 62-year-old veteran from Iowa suffering from chronic back pain.

Like most Americans with chronic pain, he’s got two choices.

Option A: John gets to live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week wracked by severe, debilitating back spasms.

This never-ending pain is so crippling, he spends most days in bed, incapable of doing anything useful…

And it fills him with the shame of not being able to provide for his family.

Or… John could choose Option B: he takes an opioid drug made by Big Pharma that’s 50X more addictive and dangerous than heroin.

This “medication” doesn’t even relieve the pain…

And it kills 63,600 Americans a year — one overdose every 9 minutes.

Because of the opioid crisis, John’s doctor could STOP his prescription at any moment, even though he’s not an addict

Leaving him completely helpless… and doomed to suffer more days of endless, nightmarish pain.

If you’re an American with chronic pain right now, these are your only 2 choices. Or at least they were…

But as early as November 8th, one single announcement could effectively end Big Pharma’s twisted game (and hand you hefty profits in the process).


An incredible new addiction-proof “marijuana pill”
is about to END Big Pharma’s sick, broken opiate scam…

TRANSFORM the way joint, abdominal, and nerve pain
is treated forever… and could hand you
the biggest investment payout in marijuana history

Imagine a pain medication that wipes away pain more effectively than morphine…

That you DON’T develop a tolerance to — so no matter how long you’ve been taking it, you won’t have to increase your dose…

Imagine a world where you’re free from your prison of pain…

Finally able to live your life again and spend time with the people you love…

Without constant, searing pain…

And without being in an opioid haze that leaves you dazed and confused.

Well, you don’t have to imagine.

Because this miracle drug already exists.

And the conditions of this breakthrough are so unique, it could wind up being the single biggest investing opportunity in marijuana HISTORY.

Scientists tested the new drug in a Phase 2a clinical trial… and the results were outstanding.

Eleven men & women started the trial.

Each one had severe chronic abdominal pain to begin with, lasting months or even years.

In just 2 months, the new drug significantly reduced their pain.

What’s more, it did this without changing their heart rates or blood pressure…

Without constipation or nausea…

And without causing drowsiness or any other significant side effects!

Multiple other trials have also confirmed the drug’s incredible effectiveness.

It’s all the result of an incredible new discovery:

In early 2019, a doctor from Duke University discovered
a brand-new addiction-free biochemical pathway
to treating chronic pain.

And on November 8th, a potential announcement from him could change the world and make countless folks wildly rich!

Are you going to be one of them?

In short, this drug relieves pain through a completely new and unique pathway in your body…

Unlike any other pain medication on the market today… it doesn’t affect your brain and it doesn’t cause addiction.

I’ll show you photographic PROOF in just a moment.

As you’ll see, this drug could erase the suffering of more than 50 million Americans…

And finally END a large portion of opiate prescriptions and overdoses all across the country.

It’s the crowning achievement of this Duke University doctor’s life work:

His discovery is so big… so transformative… that elite scientists on the forefront of research are blown away by the news.

Dr. Klassen of the University of Nebraska College of Medicine raves:

One of the leading reporters in the medical space writes:

Yes, you read that right.

We are looking at what could be the pharmaceutical drug of the future

One that doctors may soon write millions of prescriptions for.

Which means there’s a $26.3 billion market that’s changing hands right now.

This Duke University doctor is the head of a small research company.

And when they announce this new miracle drug, I believe his company will potentially inherit the lion’s share of that $26.3 billion pie…

Which means if you make a simple investment in this company like I’m about to show you before their potential announcement as early as November 8th…

You could turn a measly $2,500… into $63,700.

An investing opportunity this big is incredibly rare to find…

And as you’re about to see, this breakthrough wouldn’t be possible without decades of previous marijuana research.

Which is why I like to think of it as quite possibly…

The World’s First Addiction-Proof CURE for Pain.

A miracle drug that wipes away pain more effectively
than morphine… yet causes NO side effects, builds NO tolerance,
and unlike opioids has ZERO chance of addiction.

And a once-in-a-lifetime medical breakthrough that could to be
worth billions… if not TRILLIONS of dollars.

Look, I know you’ve probably heard these same claims before — a huge, historical tech breakthrough resulting in sky-high profits…

And maybe not all of your investments have paid off in the past.

That’s completely normal… of course, no one bats a thousand in baseball.

So I understand if you’re skeptical.

I myself did my best to stay calm when I first uncovered this breaking story…

Because when it comes to my job (putting as much money into your pocket as possible), there’s no room for emotion — unless it’s backed by cold, hard logic.

But as I dug deeper…

Checked and double-checked the numbers…

It became more and more clear:

This marijuana opportunity is FAR bigger…

And potentially more profitable than I have EVER seen…

Here’s why.

First of all, make no mistake…

This “marijuana pill” is absolutely REAL.

And it’s already been clinically tested, analyzed, and confirmed to have a 100% success rate on one group of real human subjects with chronic pain…

It’s lining up to be a Godsend for men & women suffering from joint pain… nerve pain… and even abdominal pain.

(In fact, it’s especially effective at relieving pain from Crohn’s disease, which is currently a $3.8 billion market on its own)

It’s going through Phase 2b FDA trials and full approval could be right around the corner…

With support from scientists and doctors connected to:

University of California San Francisco

Duke University Medical Center

University of Nebraska College of Medicine

The Official Journal of the American Pain Society

University of Connecticut School of Medicine

Come November 8th, this news could splatter all over the mainstream media in a BIG way.

Secondly, this drug has the potential to make this small San Diego biotech an incredible amount of money…

And investors who get in early could make an absolute KILLING.

The reason I’m so confident?

Well, that’s thanks to a little investing tip that I’ll share with you free of charge:

The most important secret you’ll EVER hear when it comes to investing in new drug developers:
The doctors are where fortunes are made

If your doctor writes prescription after prescription of a new drug, you can know for certain that it has a real chance of becoming a blockbuster.

If he doesn’t, the drug will be dead in the water.

It’s the ONLY way drugs like these are sold…

Which means it’s the only way these companies make money.

I believe that’s exactly what’s going to happen here.

Because doctors like Bruce Yacyshyn, MD, a medical director at UC Health University Hospital, are already saying:


I fully expect doctors to prescribe this new “marijuana pill” more than any other pain medication in HISTORY — here’s why

Every other pain medication on the market is dangerous for doctors to prescribe.

Opioid overdoses have gotten so out of hand that states are enacting laws like the Arizona Opioid Epidemic Act, which cuts doctor’s painkiller prescriptions by 90%.

Currently, 33 states have put up similar laws, including New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Doctors who still prescribe too many opioids have gotten sued for malpractice for as much as $17.6 million

And have even gotten sentenced to 30 years to life in prison.

Washington is working hard to put the opioid epidemic on the fast track to EXTINCTION…

Leaving an entire $26.3 billion market up for grabs.

Ready for the kicker?

As the name implies, this new “marijuana pill” is NOT an opioid.

The word “opioid” or “narcotic” means the medication acts on your brain…

The idea is to trick you into thinking you don’t feel the pain.

But this “marijuana pill” blocks pain directly at its source, inside your body…

Just like marijuana.

But without any of the psychotropic side effects.

Which means:

This new treatment isn’t affected by ANY of the state and federal laws regulating opioids or marijuana…

Which means it has the potential to blow every single one of
Big Pharma’s dangerous drugs out of the water…

And potentially TAKE OVER the $26.3 billion pain market

If all goes according to plan, come November 8th, doctors will have no reason to prescribe any other pain medication…

Because this new “marijuana pill” relieves pain more effectively AND is safer to prescribe!

Here’s what all this means:

Today, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

It’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for…

The one investment move that could let you make as much as 25.48X your money

All you have to do is make your move before November 8th.

Imagine how different your life would be with that much money…

You could finally retire…

Take a dream vacation to Greece or Spain…

Put ALL your grandchildren through college and be the financial rock the entire family depends on.

If you follow the recommendation I’m giving you today, I promise you: you’ll be putting yourself in a position to turn every one of those dreams into a reality.


This chronic pain breakthrough is so extraordinary, the market could send the value of this company STRAIGHT TO THE MOON…

Potentially handing us a 2,448% revenue explosion
in a matter of weeks

The most exciting part?

This company isn’t Merck & Co… Pfizer… or some other Big Pharma Corp.

It’s a small San Diego research company… trading at a surprisingly low share price with an incredible potential for growth.

When they announce what will surely be the pharmaceutical prescription of the future

One that will corner the entire $26.3 billion pain market… its stock could absolutely EXPLODE…

In a matter of days.

And that’s just the beginning.

As time goes on… there’s nowhere for this stock to go but up…

You could soon watch as it skyrockets up to 2,448%… maybe even higher.

And if you’re wondering how I arrived at these figures, they come from a market analysis on data straight from the Wall Street trading floor.

That’s right…

Based on my analysis, this chronic pain breakthrough should be worth almost a billion dollars right off the bat…

With more than $10.7 billion coming soon down the pipe

That’s bigger than the release of cholesterol drug Lipitor, which did more than $600 million in sales in the first year…

Catapulted Warner-Lambert’s stock by 155%…

And went on to become the #1 selling drug of all time.

It’s bigger than diabetes blockbuster Glucophage which skyrocketed Bristol-Myers Squibb up by 433%.

The way the market’s already moving, this drug is poised to make 10X that…

In a much quicker time frame.

Mark my words, this breakthrough has the potential to eclipse what anyone made from Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, or Apple…

Bottom line: if you get in before this small research company makes their announcement…

You could see a 2,448% surge sooner than anyone thought possible.

And look, I know numbers like this are a bit hard to believe.

After all no investment is guaranteed. There’s always risk involved.

That’s why normally, I’d be rolling my eyes right along with you.

But this situation is anything but normal.

Like I said, this is an incredibly rare and unique opportunity…

One that I’ve double-checked the facts on.

And I’ve NEVER seen anything that was such a grand slam

Here are my top 3 reasons why…

1 According to a BCC Research report, the pain market could easily DOUBLE its size to more than $50 billion in less than a decade. And the people suffering are desperate for a solution that works.

2 This “marijuana pill” wipes away pain — yet causes NO tolerance, NO dependence, and NO addiction. And thanks to the groundbreaking new policies coming out of Washington, by the time this new drug rolls out, deadly opiates may be wiped out of the market… which means this “marijuana pill” will have ZERO competition when it comes to doctor prescriptions.

3 The Duke University doctor’s small research organization is the only company to have patents on this incredible new drug. It’s a research-based organization that’s only 1/600th the size of Big Pharma titans like Pfizer, Eli Lilly, or Merck… which means there’s MASSIVE room for growth.


As early as November 8th, they’re planning on making an announcement that could set the stage for massive profits.

And when they do, this company’s stock has the potential to EXPLODE.

Make sure you don’t blink — because this is happening soon and it’s going to happen fast

Here’s what this all means.

Right now, you have a small window of opportunity.

It’s an opportunity unlike any other — with the potential to make you far richer in just a matter of weeks.

However, this opportunity is extremely urgent.

At this point, every second matters.


I believe that on November 8th, this doctor could announce his breakthrough to the world — changing the way chronic pain is treated forever

You’ve seen it happen before.

Whenever a new drug comes through, clever investors that jump in before the announcement come out with BIG wins.

For example…

In 2012, when Gilead released the HIV medication Truvada, their stock shot up an incredible 377%.

Or how about Aquinox Pharmaceuticals?

When this tiny medtech in Vancouver released a new drug for a bladder disease, its stock gained 3,000%… in just 3 days.

When Pharmasset received FDA approval for Sovaldi, a safer and more effective treatment for Hepatitis C…

(Exactly like how this new miracle drug is a safer, more effective treatment for pain…)

Their stock made an exceptional 5,563% gain in just a few years.

It’s like clockwork.

Those who got in early on these breakout drugs were rewarded with financial security for the rest of their lives.

Yet none of that even comes close to this new pain drug simply because of one thing…

The size of the market.

Chronic pain isn’t a niche disease or illness…

It’s EVERYWHERE — the CDC reports about 1 in 5 U.S. adults suffer with chronic pain.

That’s around 50 million people — which means there’s a high chance that you, a family member, or someone you know has experienced it.

And you can bet that when word gets out about how effective this drug is, it’s going to sweep across the nation in a way we’ve never seen before.

In fact, the only drugs that come close were other pain medications that are less effective… and far more dangerous!

That’s why, compared to past breakthroughs in medication and treatment…

This new pain drug could be far BIGGER.

How does making big returns
in just the first year sound?

It’s possible.

Just check out what happened when Endo International brought to market their blockbuster pain drugs Percocet and Opana.

The result?

Endo International’s stock took off, handing investors a 1,771% gain.

This is despite the fact that Percocet and Opana competed with dozens of other opiates upon their release.

Just imagine the growth potential when this new “marijuana pain cure” comes out with ZERO competition…

It’s why I feel confident declaring…

Big Pharma’s opioid pain medications may soon be a thing of the past

This new “marijuana pill” could be the safe, addiction-proof painkiller that will finally END the opioid crisis — and save countless lives

Because even though multiple other research facilities are developing safe, addiction-proof painkillers…

They’re miles behind this tiny San Diego firm.

For example…

You see, all of these new safe pain medications have only been effective in studies done on mice, rats, and monkeys…

All except for one.

Yup, you guessed it: the “marijuana pill” you’ve been reading about.

This new drug is the only addiction-proof pain drug proven successful in a human trial so far

Which puts it miles ahead of the competition in the all-important
FDA approval race

It’s spearheading the race towards safer painkillers.

Whoever gets the first safe, effective drug to market is going to crush the competition — and take over the industry.

That’s why time is of the essence…

The earlier you get in, the more you stand to earn.

Industry insiders understand this.

And that’s why they’ve been buying up shares at a furious pace in preparation for the announcement.

The Duke University doctor who discovered the compound probably made the biggest trade of his life on this opportunity

His move? Picking up 19,000 shares of this San Diego biotech
worth $286,900

If that’s not proof he believes something HUGE is about to happen, I don’t know what is.

And that’s not all…

The chairman of Enterprise Therapeutics, another closely affiliated company, bought shares totaling $29,750.

And the CEO of a high-ranking diagnostics company bought $48,120 worth of shares…

All three moves, I believe, were done in preparation for this company’s big announcement.

The point is, what I’m about to reveal today may be the biggest medical breakthrough of the last two decades.

One with huge ramifications… that will transform the lives of millions of people all over the world.

This doctor’s small research company is the only one with the patent…

And if you act before he makes his historic announcement, you could score the biggest investment win of your life.

The best part is, you’ll rest easy knowing you’re supporting the doctor and the breakthrough that will END the opioid crisis…

And save thousands from Big Pharma’s sick, greed-driven mess.

That’s why I’d like to give you all the details — right here right now, inside this very presentation — of how YOU can get access to this incredibly rare opportunity…

Before this stock potentially EXPLODES on November 8th.

Sound good?

Let’s get started.

Like I said, my name is Amber Hestla…

I’ve worked for large banks, brokerage firms, and investment advisors ever since I retired from the Army in 2009.

In 2015, I was awarded the prestigious Charles H. Dow award which recognizes outstanding research in technical investing analysis…

And I even worked as a trader for a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with over $200 million in assets under management.

But that wasn’t anywhere near as rewarding as joining Profitable Trading and embarking on the most ambitious project of my professional life…

I help investors discover double,
even triple-digit gain investments that can skyrocket any portfolio in days

All thanks to a system I designed myself combining my decades of analytics and field experience.

Over the years, I’ve spotted many big, fast wins in the marijuana market.

Like 35.14% in 2 days:

64% in 13 days:

96.85% in a single day:

And even a whopping 130.48% in just 3 days”

These gains have been life-changing for many of my readers across all my services…

Here are just a handful of the notes I’ve received that show what you could soon experience:

Of course, every investment carries risk, so results like these aren’t guaranteed.

But my research has me utterly convinced…

The opportunity I’ve spotted could dwarf any winning stock pick I’ve shown my readers in the past.

With a research company this small, news of the breakthrough has yet to hit the mainstream.

And with a market this BIG, you can bet the growth surge to be unprecedented.

As early as November 8th, this west coast biotech could be catapulted to the front of the news, and history will be made.

I want to give you the opportunity to be one of the privileged few that have been clued in…

And have the opportunity to get in before all of this happens.

Yet it almost didn’t turn out this way…

You see, when I first got the call about an addiction-proof pain medication breakthrough, the first emotion I felt was… hope.

Because the opioid crisis didn’t just appear overnight…

It’s a sick scam that Big Pharma spent 23 years systematically engineering.

Big Pharma purposefully LIED to doctors, telling them that opioids were safe and non-addictive…

Then straight-up BRIBED them for good measure…

And spent almost $40 million aggressively marketing their narcotics to the world’s most vulnerable population: seniors in PAIN.

It started in 1996.

That’s when Big Pharma company Purdue first introduced Oxycontin into the market…

And committed the greatest CRIME against the American people in Big Pharma history.

In short, they LIED and BRIBED their way to riches… at the expense of vulnerable Americans in severe pain.

First, they trained a sales force of 671 employees to essentially LIE to the physicians, downplaying the dangers of Oxycontin.

They taught their sales force to repeat the message that the risk of addiction was “less than one percent.”

Yet studies from Harvard Medical School, Dartmouth, and the European Journal of Pain found that more than 45% of users abused their medication.

Second, Big Pharma used a lucrative “bonus system” to PAY doctors over $25,000 to prescribe as much Oxycontin as they could.

They called it a bonus system, but let’s call it what it actually is:


A report from the Harvard School of Public Health showed that the more opioids a doctor prescribes, the more Big Pharma companies pay him.

In total, opioid manufacturers made more than 374,680 payments to over 68,000 physicians…

Totaling more than $46 million.

It’s disgusting…

And completely morally bankrupt.

They flat out betrayed the American public… the very people they’re supposed to protect

Simply so they can stuff their wallets while the innocent get “murdered.”

Today, you can finally get back at them… and bring down the corrupt system they’ve created thanks to one rogue Duke University doctor.

This Duke University doctor discovered
how to relieve chronic pain through a completely
NEW biochemical pathway

And he just picked up 19,000 units of the west coast biotech’s stock worth $286,900 in preparation for his landmark announcement, coming as early as November 8th.

His name is “Dr. Preston.”

And his success was the result of a relentless pursuit for justice.

After spending years on the research…

And exhaustively testing countless different pain-relieving compounds…

He discovered something incredible.

Every opioid medication on the market works by targeting pain receptors in your BRAIN

But this doctor’s exhaustive research revealed a much safer, more effective biochemical pathway

You see, drugs like Oxycontin, Methadone, Tramadol, Codeine, Hydrocodone, and Percocet…

And pretty much every other prescription pain medication currently on the market

Are called “opioids” because they block pain receptors called “opioid receptors.”

These opioid receptors are only found in your brain.

Because of this, opioids trigger 2 key causes of addiction:

First, they cause a powerful, euphoric high.

And second, they cause tolerance.

Which means you have to take more of the drug with each use to get the same effect.

Together, these 2 triggers make opioid medications 50X as addictive as heroin.

Yet here’s the thing…

Opioid receptors are just one type of pain receptor in your body.

In fact, there are 3 different types… and tons of different subtypes… found all over the rest of your body — not just in your brain.

Dr. Preston was one of the few brave men to stand against
Big Pharma and their dangerous opioids —
and to find a different way to treat pain

After years of research, he made an incredible discovery

After testing countless different compounds, the brilliant doctor made a massive breakthrough.

He discovered that targeting a pain receptor in your body called CB2 wipes away pain more effectively than morphine.

CB2 stands for “cannabinoid receptor 2.” THC from marijuana targets a similar pain receptor called CB1…

And by targeting CB2, this breakthrough “marijuana pill” delivers the same pain eliminating effects as THC from smoking marijuana…

But because it’s found in your body instead of in your brain…

It causes NO high and NO tolerance!

Just fast, effective pain relief.

It was an incredible discovery.

He developed a miracle drug to block the receptor.

It looks like this:


And already, multiple clinical trials show its incredible new potential:

As you can see, this new medication could completely replace opioid medications…

And become the future of chronic pain treatment.

Because lawmakers are already creating regulations to make opioid drugs obsolete.

In 2016, Massachusetts became the first state to limit first-time opioid prescriptions to a 7-day supply.

Fifteen states followed suit, with Arizona, North Carolina, and New Jersey limiting it to just a 5-day supply.

Since then, over HALF of all states have enacted laws restricting opioid prescriptions for acute pain.

Which means that as this miracle cure hits the market, millions of Americans could breathe a sigh of relief, as their lives get BETTER.

Meanwhile, a floodgate of profits could open… and possibly grant you a worry-free retirement.

The clock is ticking… opioid drugs are about to be completely wiped out

Which means this new medication is set to
take over the $26.3 billion pain market —
with ZERO competition

The White House is leading the war against these outdated drugs, securing $6 billion since October 2018 to fight opioid abuse.

Doctors who aren’t complying are getting sued for malpractice left and right.

One federal court case from Alabama accused 31 doctors, 7 pharmacists, and 8 nurses of overprescribing opioids for medical procedures like “unnecessary tooth pulling.”

The New York Times reported that a pharmacy in Dayton, Ohio was taken to court for dispensing an absurd 1.75 million pills — which is 12.5 pills for every resident of the city.

Here’s the bottom line:

The approval of this new addiction-proof pain cure would be the final blow in America’s war on opioids…

And come November 8th, doctors may no longer have any reason to continue prescribing them, because there would be a far safer option.

Which means the new miracle “marijuana pill,” could be announced at the perfect moment…

When there’s an urgent, unfilled gap in the market

An urgent need in the industry… ready to erupt in a fountain of money as soon as this new drug is announced.

This “coincidence” is what makes this such a unique — and staggeringly profitable — opportunity.

You could potentially transform your wealth in under one year, following the announcement…

Earn an incredible 2,448% gain…
and be set for the rest of your life

Numbers like these are absolutely possible for you today.

Just take a look at what happened when Celgene released a cancer breakthrough called Thalomid…

Its stock absolutely EXPLODED in just a short matter of time.

Or Intuitive Surgical…

Want more proof?

What about Illumina…

Or Quality Systems…

The examples are endless…

Yet this new addiction-proof drug could surpass all of them — in a BIG way.

In fact, if it secures a small chunk of the market, as blockbuster drug Oxycontin did in its early years, you could turn a mere $10,000 investment…

Into $254,800.

Remember: this miracle pain breakthrough is the only addiction-proof chronic pain cure that’s passed human clinical trials so far…

And with $26.3 billion up for grabs, today you have the opportunity to put yourself on the path to becoming part of the 1%…

To secure your finances — and the finances of your family for life…

To live out the rest of your days in incredible luxury.

But like I said, this is happening FAST.

And your window of opportunity is SMALL.

Let me show you how you can begin today.

I’ve talked a lot today about what a pain-­free future might look like for our world…

The only remaining question is:
What will it look like for you?

Look, I’ve been in this business for a long time. Opportunities like this don’t come around often.

When they do, 99% of the people out there do NOTHING. Even when I pound the pulpit and tell them “this is the one!”

Yet that bold 1% ­— they listen to the facts, and silence the fearful voice in their head that wants nothing but to keep them SMALL…

Today, you have a chance to be part of that 1%…

A part of the solution… and a chance to profit wildly in the process.

But only if you act fast.

Because if you’re one of the first 100 eager investors to reply to this invitation today, you’ll be granted immediate access to my full research report on everything you’ve heard about today.

It’s called The Miracle Cure for Pain: How to Profit When 1 Research Firm ENDS Big Pharma’s $26.3 Billion Opioid Racket.

Inside, you’ll get all the details on this unprecedented, rare, and exceptionally lucrative opportunity.

You’ll get the ticker symbol of this breakthrough… full guidance on when to buy your shares… exactly how much to pay for them… and at what price to buy them up to (so you don’t waste time, money, or energy “chasing” this one when you should be sitting tight).

All spelled out in simple-­to-­follow steps that are an absolute breeze.

However, if you do want to discover more about the science behind Dr. Preston’s incredible new pain treatment pathway, all my research is also laid out for you…

In plain, easy-­to-­understand English.

(Which you’re free to borrow when telling your friends how you made a fortune off this breakthrough… or your boss when you walk into his office and tell him you’re retired.)

In a moment, I’ll tell you how you can claim your FREE copy of The Miracle Cure for Pain: How to Profit When 1 Research Firm ENDS Big Pharma’s $26.3 Billion Opioid Racket today.

Deal? Good!

But before going on, a couple of cold, hard facts.


This stock is so small, I’m only allowing
100 people to claim this special offer today

I wish it wasn’t so.

But when recommending a stock this small, the best thing I can do for YOU is to keep the market from flooding, by preventing too many people from rushing in too fast.

That ensures your profits climb as high as possible.

This stock is so thinly-traded, a large surge of new investors would severely limit how much money could be made.

You don’t want that. Neither do I.

So this might seem harsh, but it’s in YOUR best interest (assuming a boatload of cash is what you’re after).

Thus, this is a strict limit. Absolutely NO exceptions.

So if you’re serious about getting the details on this opportunity, please act now. These 100 spots won’t last for long. The email you received about this opportunity was sent to more than 200,000 people today.

That’s why, with your permission, I’d like to show you how to make it happen with one of the most ambitious investment research services I have launched here at Profitable Trading:

Precision Pot Trader.

When you accept this limited offer… to join at a tremendous discount…

I’m going to show you how firmly I believe marijuana is going to surge in 2021, and…

I’m going to send you a 100% FREE copy of The Miracle Cure for Pain: How to Profit When 1 Research Firm ENDS Big Pharma’s $26.3 Billion Opioid Racket.

Because one fact is certain: if you want to cash ­in on the investing bonanza in marijuana I predict is coming…

Including “to-the-minute” updates on this “miracle” marijuana pain breakthrough…

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And my system has alerted me to moves that are happening in the marijuana markets…that bring massive potential for profits.

These are moves happening behind the scenes, hidden from ordinary investors.

In fact, some major hedge funds and investors are going ALL IN on marijuana right now, including the San Diego firm we’ve been discussing.

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Look… there’s a lot of noise out there.

I’m sure — especially recently — you’ve felt like the volume knob is jacked up to 11.

And, you’re right.

There’s now more noise than ever.

It’s impossible to tell what’s what… and that’s exactly what “they” want.

To keep you on a hamster wheel of uncertainty. To keep you blind.

It’s enough to make just about anybody want to jam their head into the sand.

Early in my investing career, however, a great mentor of mine taught me a lesson…

“Find that one, blaring, important signal
within the ocean of noise, and you’ll
make money every time.”

That one simple piece of advice has put millions of dollars into my pockets.

And it’s why I’m telling you about my investment research service, Precision Pot Trader

So you can rely on me to strip away all the noise and point you in the direction of what actually matters, and towards the investments poised to make MAJOR moves as a result.

To be more specific, inside my Precision Pot Trader service…

I’ll point on the important things I’m paying attention to with regards to marijuana market — products, regulations, “outside the box” opportunities, and legal decisions…

And I’ll boil it down into a single easy investment, usually involving options, so that you can make the most amount of money, fast.

In other words…

While everyone else wants to slip the BLINDFOLD over your eyes… Precision Pot Trader aims to give you a clear VISION of what’s ahead

What I offer you today is clarity, and truth. An opportunity to remove that blindfold, stuff it in the garbage, see America and real opportunities as they really are, and use your new understanding to play and finally make money on your terms.

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Even with the marijuana markets exploding right now…

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Now, simply understanding what’s happening in the news at a deeper level is a huge value in itself.

But with Precision Pot Trader, you have so much more…

The opportunity to learn and start profiting, even if you’ve never invested in the market before — or tried and failed in the past.

From newcomers all the way to professionals and insider investors, this is a true advantage.

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I’m happy to say that these wealth-creating events happen week-in, week-out — like a law of nature…

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And since most of my recommendations involve options trading I have to be extremely cautious about how many people get in.

People who bounce in and out, victims of their own emotions, ­can potentially ruin it for everyone. If that’s you, this isn’t a good fit.

Yet I’m so convinced the gains with this pain cure breakthrough could be truly unprecedented — I couldn’t make a discovery like that without giving as many folks as possible the chance to get the details.

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That’s because “magic mushrooms” are being used by medical professionals to effectively treat mental disorders like anorexia, clinical depression caused by cancer diagnoses, OCD, and more.

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Amber Hestla
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Precision Pot Trader
November 2020

P.S.­ This is an exceptionally rare opportunity. A small research company stock on the verge of unveiling a breakthrough that addresses a global, $26.3 billion problem.

That’s a combination I’ve only seen two or three times in the entire history of the stock market. Which is why my model —­ fully grounded in historical data taken straight from the Wall Street trading floor — forecasts you could get the chance to turn a modest $5,000 paycheck into a phenomenal $66,700 sooner than you think.

The fuse is lit and it’s only a matter of time before it goes off. According to my research, I expect this landmark announcement to be made as early as November 8th.

This “marijuana” pill could END CHRONIC PAIN and change the world. Will it change your future too?

P.P.S. Don’t miss out. Due to the extremely small nature of this company, only 100 people will be given access to today’s opportunity through this special offer. For those 100 people, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to change the world, while potentially jamming their portfolios full of some of the fastest profits the market’s ever served up. Will you be one of them?

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