How to Make $287,000 if Trump Is Impeached

(It’s not a sure thing, but the odds are better than you think)

I’m Amber Hestla… and I have a quick bit of trading advice that could make you a lot of money in a hurry.

It’s a way to make 19 times your money in the next 145 days if Donald Trump is impeached… and up to 28 times your money if he’s actually forced out of the White House.

What’s great about this trade is that you can see in advance exactly how much money you’ll make.

What’s more, it costs next to nothing to get started. You can be in this trade today for as little as $167. But there’s no limit on how much you can put into it… or how much you can make from it.

Just to be clear, the stock market makes this trade possible, but it’s not a stock investment.

It’s not an investment, period.

It’s a trade—a short-term way to make up to 28 times your money from the market—without buying a single stock.

Here’s where it gets really good: You don’t have to know for sure that Trump is going to leave office.

It works even if he just gets impeached—whether or not he is forced out of the White House.

Either way, you’ll still make money.

And it’s simple to set up. It should take no more than five minutes.

I need to tell you that this trade works best with one specific security. Strange as it sounds, it is run out of this small building in San Francisco by a 58-year-old Berkeley grad with a PhD in ethnomusicology.

San Francisco

The good news is that it is extremely liquid. And it’s publicly traded, so it’s easy to buy and sell.

But best of all, it gives you a real chance to turn $10,000 into $287,000 in the next 145 days.

To make this kind of money in a regular stock trade, you’d almost have to have insider information, or take a crazy gamble on a penny stock.

Not this one.

As long as Trump is still creating controversy and the political climate continues to heat up… you stand to profit.

If Trump is impeached, it can make you 19 times your money… and if he is kicked out of office, it can make you 28 times your money.

Could you make less? Sure. But you could make more, too.

After all, this is a play on the impeachment of a sitting president—an exceedingly rare opportunity.

The last time the political climate was as heated as it is today, this trade ended up turning $10,000 into $375,000.

So $287,000 might be a low estimate of what you could make.

That $375K payoff was triggered by a political event in 1972. And we haven’t seen anything like it since.

Long story short, we haven’t had an opportunity like this in 47 years.

And as I said, you can get started for just $167.

Wall Street insiders call this unusual situation an “asymmetric trade.” If you lose, your loss is tiny. But if you win, your gain is massive.

Again, all you need to make money in this trade is for the political temperature to go from a simmer to a boil.

And now that Democrats have seized control of Congress… and are hell-bent on destroying Trump… it could heat up a lot.

Remember, impeachment always begins with a vote in the House of Representatives. All you need is one more “yea” than “nay,” and POTUS is on trial. Now that Democrats finally have a majority in the House… and all the votes they need to impeach Trump… the chance of this trade going in our favor just shot up.

Picture of house of representatives during Nixon impeachment

United States House of Representatives During Watergate Hearings—1974

If they succeed in pushing him out of office… and if the reaction is remotely similar to the only other time a president resigned… I predict we’ll see a market in panic.

Even if Trump is acquitted… impeachment is such a long and tortuous process that the media parade and constant coverage trying to expose the “smoking gun” could put the market into a tailspin for years.

But it’s not just the mid-term election results that should worry investors…

The odds of impeachment were climbing even before November 6, according to some of the most accurate political analysts in the business.

American University Professor Allan Lichtman, who was one of the very few professional pundits who predicted Trump would win the presidency now says he will be impeached.

Lichtman isn’t alone. The New York Times‘ David Brooks also says a Trump impeachment or resignation is in the cards.

Radical firebrand Michael Moore has predicted that Trump would be impeached since the day he was elected. Of course, you’d expect nothing less from a progressive rabble-rouser.

What’s more interesting to me is how many Republicans are now saying it is time to remove Trump.

Republican Congressman Bradley Byrne just announced that he is convinced that our president will be impeached.

Texas State Representative Jason Villalba, a Republican from Dallas, flatly says, “It’s time to impeach the president.”

Former governor of New Jersey, Republican Christine Todd Whitman, says, “Trump is clearly unfit to remain in office.”

Mitt Romney, the Republicans’ choice for President in 2008, just slammed Trump, saying he “hasn’t risen to the mantle of the office.”

Even Senator Lindsey Graham, who generally supports the president, has gone on record that if Trump fired special counsel Robert Mueller it would “probably” warrant impeachment.

But you know what? I don’t care what these people think—no matter how smart and connected they might be.

I’ve found a better way to peek into the future. It’s a high-tech crystal ball that’s more accurate than any politician or pundit.

I’m talking about the online prediction market—where people bet on everything from the Oscars to the World Series to who the next Pope will be.

screenshot prediction website

Political Online Prediction Market Sees Surge of Activity

Prediction markets collect vast amounts of information from millions of sources and synthesize it into crystal clear odds, expressed in black and white.

There is nothing else like it on earth. It’s an electronic casino that gives you a way to tap into the combined wisdom and expertise of the most highly motivated and well-informed people of all: those with money on the line.

Not many investors follow these markets because they aren’t allowed to cover stocks, gold or any other investment.

But they do cover politics, and that gives us a real edge in making this “Trump Impeachment Trade.”

You see, these online platforms are astonishingly accurate when it comes to forecasting political events.

In 2004, bettors on the Intrade betting platform predicted the electoral votes of every single state in the U.S. presidential election. In contrast, some pollsters and pundits called the race for John Kerry right up to election day.

In the 2006 midterms, the favorites on Intrade won every Senate race.

In 2008, the betting market not only had Obama winning, but also correctly forecast the results of every state. And it was within one electoral vote of the exact outcome.

In 2012, even when polls favored Romney during the first half of October, bettors never wavered that Obama would win. And they correctly called the electoral outcome in 49 of 50 states.

Even in Trump’s shocking upset in 2016–when the so-called experts were giving Hilary Clinton up to a 99% chance of winning, the betting markets were far more accurate. They gave Trump a one-in-three chance of being elected, making them 20 to 30 times more accurate than the average poll or analyst.

And in the recent 2018 midterms, they called every single contest correctly but one, including the tough toss-up states of Texas and Florida.

The lesson here is simple: Watching what people are doing with their money beats listening to what they say—by a long shot.

When thousands of intensely motivated and well-informed people put their money behind their opinions—and let you see what they think in real time—you’re being handed a priceless opportunity to follow the smart money.

And right now the smart money is telling us that there is a 41% chance Trump will be impeached before his first term is out… and a 33% chance that he will actually be out of the White House before the end of his term.

And that, my friend, is a gift-wrapped invitation to make a whole lot of money.

Current Odds Trump Is Impeached: 41%

Trump odds

Current Odds Trump Leaves Office Before Term Ends:  33%

Trump odds

The takeaway here is that this Trump Impeachment Trade I want to tell you about isn’t a long shot. Not at all.

According to the most accurate crystal ball ever devised… there is a 41% chance that Trump will be impeached before the next election… and a 33% chance that he will actually leave or be kicked out of office.

If either one happens, I see a huge payoff for our Trump Impeachment Trade.

Plenty of investors have gotten rich on far longer odds than that.

History Says You Need to Make Your Move Now

Nixon resigns

August 9, 1974: Richard Nixon becomes the first U.S. President to resign from office

Whether you love Trump or hate him… seeing a president leave the Oval Office should make you nervous…

The only other time this has happened, it did not end well for investors.

Nixon’s brush with impeachment in 1973 was a body blow to America.

When the Watergate scandal broke, it triggered a vicious year in the markets… culminating in a final, violent crash after Nixon resigned, for a total loss of 48%.

Nixon chart

Investors today forget how severely the market crashed in the wake of Watergate.

It took stocks eight years to recover.

But impeachment today, with America some $20 trillion in debt, faltering relations abroad and a crumbling infrastructure at home is a nightmare scenario.

We’ve already seen hints of how the market could react if Trump flees the Oval Office.

When Trump first came under fire for alleged Russian collusion, the Dow instantly dipped 370 points.

Dow sheds 370 points headline

And that was just the mere suggestion of collusion.

If the market mirrors the Watergate crash, the Dow could plummet 11,000 points.

If you have a million-dollar retirement portfolio, that’s a $480,000 hit. That’s how important it is to turn the table and protect yourself with this trade.

Is Trump Echoing the Final Days of Nixon?

Nixon resigns on TVOnly one president has ever resigned from the White House.

And the historical similarities to Trump are starting to look eerie…

Right after Nixon’s victory in 1972, he too came under fire for corruption much like Trump faces today.

Just as Trump has been accused of, Nixon recorded private conversations.

When Solicitor General Archibald Cox pressured Nixon to release private documents, Nixon got angry and told Attorney General Elliot Richardson to fire Cox.

Richardson refused and resigned.

Nixon then ordered Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus to fire Cox. He too refused and resigned.

Does this sound familiar?

Trump’s actions today are a near mirror image of Nixon’s actions 47 years ago.

Trump abruptly fired FBI Director James Comey. At the time, Comey was investigating connections between Trump and Russia for election collusion.

Just recently, Trump got rid of Jeff Sessions, who had enraged the president by recusing himself from the Mueller investigation.

But the parallels don’t end there…

In the most damning similarity between Nixon and Trump…

Nixon didn’t step down until his fellow Republicans started turning against him. Republicans close to him had started plotting… and now President Trump is beginning to see the same betrayal…

Newsweek article

Two Republican senators, Arizona’s Jeff Flake, and Tennessee’s Bob Corker, decided to step down and not run again, in protest of Trump.

Paul Ryan also stepped down as Speaker of the House.

As one of Washington’s few voices of authority, Ryan has left a power vacuum on Capitol Hill, inching up the chances for the removal of the president.

Who knows what the final straw will be…

Will it be Russian collusion?

The Stormy Daniels sex scandal?

Dirt from Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort?

Michael Cohen’s confession that he broke the law at the direction of the president?

The firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions?

The $50 million Moscow penthouse Trump had allegedly planned to give Russian president Vladimir Putin?

The indictment of Trump confidante Roger Stone?

Another Washington shutdown?

There could be a “smoking gun” that we haven’t even heard about yet that finally takes Trump down.

Every day a new story is unveiled, a new court case, or more evidence in an existing investigation… that takes us further down the rabbit hole.

Now that the Democrats are running the House… and the Mueller investigation approaches its climax… political D-day is approaching.

Even Trump admits the chances of impeachment are growing with the Democrats in control of the House.

And he’s warned investors that “If I ever got impeached, I think the market would crash.”

Love him or hate him, he’s right.

It Doesn’t Matter if You’re a Democrat or Republican… or How You Feel About Trump…

This isn’t about what you or I might want to happen. That’s irrelevant.

You might like seeing Trump kicked out of office. I don’t know your politics. But I do know it won’t be good for your money.

Personally, I rarely pay attention to politicians. My only job as a trader is to capitalize on opportunities when I find them—whether I like what’s happening or not.

Bottom line, I make predictions and do my best to turn them into money in the market.

So here’s a prediction:

If Trump resigns… we are all in for a world of hurt.

Trump’s presidency brought a “halo effect” that levitated stock prices to record levels without much pullback.

But the moment Trump’s future is seriously called into question, that halo evaporates… and we’re faced with the stark reality of today’s marketplace.

Just look at this chart:

Shiller PE Ration chart

The chart above is the Shiller P/E Ratio, the brainchild of Nobel Prize winner Robert Shiller. The index gauges whether the market is undervalued or overvalued by comparing current prices to inflation-adjusted earning over the previous 10 years.

The key takeaway here is…

When this indicator climbs, crashes follow.

Other historic peaks like today’s occurred in 1929, 2000, and 2008.

Each one just before a devastating market selloff.

I’m not saying the market is going to drop next week. But I do know that bull markets typically don’t last for more than four years… or go up more than 160%… without a major pullback.

In contrast, this bull market is more than nine years old… and up more than 300%. It’s the longest bull market in U.S. history. So it just makes sense to get ready for it to reverse.

The point is, no matter what happens with Trump, there is real danger in stocks, which is why you need to prepare NOW.

The good news is that you can do this with the simple trade I’ve been talking about. It takes just a few minutes, and you can put it into place for less than $200.

When panic hits, you could make 10, 20, or 30 times your money.

I’ve made my career off trading like this, and my track record shows that I’m right 91% of the time.

To be clear, most of those trades were conservative high-probability bets. On this one, we’re swinging for the fences. As the betting market shows, our odds of being right this time are 33% to 41%. So it’s no sure thing.

But you have so much to gain if it does play out (and so much to lose if you leave yourself unprotected) that this could be the most important call of your life.

It’s Just the Smart Thing to Do…

The Trump Impeachment Trade isn’t just about making a quick pile of cash. It’s also cheap disaster insurance.

Like any sensible person, I’m sure you protect yourself from catastrophic risks—even when they’re extremely unlikely.

For example, if you live in an average neighborhood, there’s less than a 1% chance your car will be stolen in the next 12 months. But I bet you’re insured for it anyway.

There’s a tiny 0.03% chance that your house will burn down this year. That’s just one in 3,000. But you still pay for insurance, just in case.

Now here’s what I don’t get: There’s a 41% chance our president is going to be impeached… maybe even booted out of office… and millions of investors are facing that risk head-on.

That’s crazy—and it could cost them big.

Because if Donald Trump is impeached, stocks will take a huge hit. History almost guarantees it.

And if he is forced to actually leave office, my research shows stocks could plunge 48%.

If you have a million-dollar portfolio, that’s a $480,000 hit. It’s gonna hurt.

Again, the good news is that you can take out insurance for just $167.

It’s the one easy proactive step you can take in this whole mess…

You can’t stop Trump from getting impeached… you can’t stop stocks from falling… but you CAN make sure you don’t get hurt when they do. And possibly make a lot of money at the same time.

If you put down $10,000, you could walk away with $287,000.

Start out with $20,000, and you could make more than half a million bucks in this one transaction.

I ran the numbers on the possible payout projections and here’s what I found.

It shows the range of payouts we could be looking at on our Trump Impeachment Trade if markets react violently when Trump is forced out of the White House.

They range from 1,385% to 4,355%. I’m using the median payout of 2,870% for our purposes here today. That’s how I determined that $10,000 could balloon into $287,000.

prediction table

That’s a heck of a payoff for a trade you can put into place in a few minutes.

You can pick up your phone, say a few simple words to your broker, and be all set.

If you trade online, it’s just a matter of making one or two extra mouse clicks. It’s that easy.

The pros on Wall Street use trades like this all the time to insulate their fortunes.

But average investors usually go without this kind of protection. And that’s a shame when it’s so easy to get.

The strategy behind the trade is pretty simple. But as with any plan, getting the details right is crucial.

Your trade could be too small or positioned incorrectly.

You could set the wrong stops on your stock portfolio.

It could go wrong in a dozen different ways.

trump impeach report coverThat’s why I’ve covered every detail and put it all in The Trump Impeachment Trade: How to Make a Fast Fortune When a President Goes on Trial.

In this special report, I show you exactly how to set up your trade so you can walk away with a massive gain. I give you the exact plan of action: what to buy, the price to set, and your projected outcome down to the penny.

Once this trade is in place, you can relax—because you’ll be protected from the coming political crisis.

I prepared this report for members of Profit Amplifier—an options-trading service where I use a series of unique indicators to amplify the gains from any stock move.

Profit Amplifier members have turned small stock moves into gains up to 13x larger, just like these…

I know the word “options” makes some people uneasy. I get it. I was the same way once.

When I started trading, everybody warned me that options were dangerous and that I should stay away.

Of course, hammers, knives, and a hundred other useful tools are dangerous, too. But as long as you use them the right way, they make life a lot easier.

It’s the same with options. Use them properly and they’re not nearly as risky as you might think.

The secret behind our Profit Amplifier technique is that we buy options, which means our risk is strictly limited.

That way we never put our portfolios at risk. Yet we still manage to make up to 13x more than regular stock investors.

To demonstrate my point, here are a few more trades Profit Amplifier has closed out recently…

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In a few days, Profit Amplifier traders often make the kind of money that other investors have to wait months or years for.

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A farmer in Iowa told us he had lost $33,800 in his IRA account. So he decided to give up buy-and-hold investing. After using the Profit Amplifier strategy for three months he not only recouped his losses, but was up an additional $45,000.

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As a new member, you’ll get my report on the Trump Impeachment Trade and be able to take advantage of it immediately.

This will also give you a chance to see firsthand how we trade at Profit Amplifier. I think you’ll like what we do.

Profit Amplifier isn’t your typical investment advisory… but I’m not your typical investment advisor, either.

I’m a 34-year-old mother of two… and I live on an 80-acre ranch in Wyoming that I bought with the profits I made trading.

Here’s the view from my “office.”


I haven’t always been out here in God’s country. I spent three years in Iraq as a Military Intelligence Analyst (MOS Classification 35F).

Amber in the militaryIn military jargon, my job was to “analyze strategic and tactical intelligence about enemy forces and potential battle areas.”

In plain English, I spent 14 hours a day trying to make sure other soldiers didn’t get blown apart by roadside bombs.

The work is so stressful that you can only take it for a few years before burning out. So while I was still on active duty in Iraq, I started dabbling in the market. It was a good use of my analytical skills and I figured it might turn into a good postwar career.

Pretty soon, I was making more money than I ever did as an Army officer.

After retiring from the service, I began blogging about my trades. Others started picking up on my work… and my research was featured in publications like Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities and Stocks, Futures & Options.

I was even awarded the Charles H. Dow award by the Association of Chartered Market Technicians. Not bad for a self-taught cowgirl from Wyoming.

Amber Hestla award

Eventually, I was contacted by StreetAuthority, which distributes research like mine to a national audience. We launched my first advisory together six years ago, and it quickly became their most popular trading service.

Working for an established publisher like StreetAuthority is great for a “trading nerd” like me. It’s sort of like having tenure at a college. It gives me the time and freedom to tinker with any trading idea under the sun.

I’ve developed several unique trading strategies while here at StreetAuthority.

investor's table

One of the maneuvers I use lets you pocket $565 in a few minutes every Wednesday morning.

In less time than it takes to brew a pot of coffee, you’ve collected your money.

Since 2013, we’ve generated a total of $140,490 in income this way.

That’s more than $100 every day the market is open—$116.52 to be exact.

You might want to try it yourself one day. There’s no application form… no training required… and no waiting period.

Jim Q. from Canada gets about $800 every time he does it.

John I. in Florida takes in about $1,000 per month this way.

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Gerry N. from Pensacola, Florida, says he makes “$2,000 to $3,500 a month.”

Leslie H. in New Jersey tells us she averages “$2,000 to $3,000” every month.

William B. of Wichita tells us, “I have averaged $3,000 to $5,000 per month from your recommendations. In January… I earned $15,513.89.”

You Can Get Started Right Now at a Huge Discount

When I first started sharing my trades with investors, StreetAuthority charged $1,000 per year for my recommendations.

It seemed reasonable because many subscribers made $1,000 on their first trade. Plus it was a fraction of the $5,000 to $10,000 most trading services were charging.

But over the years, as my profits have increased and demand for my research keeps rising, StreetAuthority has gradually increased the membership rate for my services.

Right now, Profit Amplifier is priced at $1,994 per year. And people are still telling us it’s a bargain… because they are making far more than that every year.

But I have some good news for you today…

To spread the word about my service, StreetAuthority is offering Profit Amplifier to first-time subscribers at just half of what they usually charge.

Instead of $1,994 per year, you can get all my trades for just $997—a 50% discount.

It’s like paying for the first six months of Profit Amplifier and getting the next six months free.

Here’s how it works…

Every week, I send you an email detailing my top opportunity.

It may be an energy firm… a blue-chip company… an index fund… or anything in between.

Whatever the security, I’ll show you how an upcoming 5% or 10% stock move could make you 30%, 50% or more… often in a matter of days.

I will walk you through each trade, step by step, showing you exactly what to do.

Of course, you’ll also immediately get a copy of The Trump Impeachment Trade: How to Make a Fast Fortune When a President Goes On Trial.

I identify the crucial security run by that 58-year-old Berkeley grad in San Francisco I mentioned. And you’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to place the trade.

It’s an opportunity we haven’t had in 46 years: a play on the removal of a sitting president.

It’s a way to possibly make 19 times your money in the next 145 days if Donald Trump is impeached… and up to 28 times your money if he’s actually forced out of the White House.

What’s really appealing is that you don’t have to know for sure that Trump is going to leave office. It works even if he just gets impeached—whether or not he is forced out of the White House.

Try It Out for a Month
(If You Don’t Like It, It’s On Me)

If you’re on the fence, here’s an idea:

Just take the next month to try Profit Amplifier before making a final decision.

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That’s the simplest and fairest guarantee I can give you.

But I think you’ll want to stick around for the long run.

Because you’re getting a lot for you money.

Jim Q. from Pennsylvania says my research “has paid for itself at least 100 times over—that’s no typo.”

Over the years, StreetAuthority has helped thousands of ordinary men and women make enough money to change their lives.

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So give Profit Amplifier a try. You’ll know in a week or two if it’s right for you.

If you’re not delighted, no problem—just invoke your 100% refund.

But the clock is ticking. You’ve seen how the pressure against Trump is mounting and it could burst any day. To secure the most massive profits possible on this trade, you need to get into it now.

To get started, simply click on the link below. You’ll be taken to a secure order page where you’ll be able to review the details before you make your final decision.

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Welcome aboard! I look forward to many years of profits together.

Amber Hestla signature

Amber Hestla
Chief Strategist, Profit Amplifier

P.S. Protect Yourself Before It's Too Late

report coverTrump is in trouble, and like it or not, you need to do something to protect yourself.

Now that the Democrats run Congress, the push for Trump's impeachment is on… and powerful lobbyists and billionaire activists are calling for the president's head.

It doesn't matter whether they get it.

It doesn't even matter whether Trump steps down.

Once impeachment starts, this trade is going to move. At this point, the ONLY way to protect your portfolio, your future, and your family is to make the Trump Impeachment Trade before it all unravels.

So, I urge you to claim your FREE report and join me inside Profit Amplifier today.

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