Hello, and thank you for joining me.

I’m Jeff Little… publisher here at Profitable Trading.

And today, I’m going to share with you a conversation I recently had with a remarkable, award-winning analyst named Amber Hestla.

You’ll discover more about Amber’s background in just a minute.

But the main reason I describe her as “remarkable” is that Amber has uncovered a shockingly accurate method of predicting stock price movements…

And she uses those predictions to deliver massive short-term gains to regular investors just like you.

In fact, one of Amber’s trades recently turned a $10,000 stake into $20,964…

Generating a free and clear profit of $10,964 in only 5 calendar days.

And that’s just one in a long list of winning trades Amber has churned out recently.

Here are a few examples of her other recent wins:

Now, I want to be perfectly clear about something…

These are not annualized gains.

They’re the actual returns on each trade.

Investors who put $10,000 into each of these five opportunities quickly found themselves sitting on $106,110.

Even more amazing, the longest trade in that group was just fifteen calendar days.

I’ve been in the investment business for nearly 20 years…

And never in my career have I seen anyone deliver gains like these over such short periods of time.

Now to be clear, Amber’s not generating these results once or twice a year…

She’s doing it over and over again.

In fact, over a twelve-month period, she’s shown investors a total of 49 winning trades.

That’s practically a winning trade every week of the year.

In just a minute, Amber will join me to reveal how she’s applying a “weird crossover” from the music theory she learned as a ten-year-old piano student…

To generate life-changing wealth for everyday Americans like you.

And look, I don’t want to spoil any surprises…

But you’re going to want to pay close attention to what we cover in the next few minutes….

Because Amber’s going to reveal details of two brand-new trade opportunities she’s releasing within the next couple of days…

One of these trades only happens on rare occasions when three special “indicators” all line up at the same time.

And the last time Amber executed this particular type of trade, she delivered an incredible 90% profit in just 22 days.

Now, a lot of investors would be happy to wait an entire year for a stock trade to return 90%.

But Amber did it a little over three weeks!

We’ll cover the full details on both profit opportunities in short order…

But before we do, it’s time to introduce the woman behind this powerful system…

Jeff: Amber… thank you for joining me today.
Amber: Thanks for having me, Jeff. I’m excited to be here.
Jeff: So Amber, I’m not going to beat around the bush…

The Holy Grail of investing is accurately predicting future stock price moves…

And it seems like you’ve found a way to do exactly that.

Amber: Well, that’s the goal, Jeff.

Because when you’re able to predict the future accurately…

You can get positioned ahead of time and quickly make a lot of money.

Jeff: Well, Amber… with 49 winning trades in the past 12 months… it seems you’ve succeeded in doing exactly that.

But from a 10,000-foot view…

What’s your secret? How do you do it?

Amber: Well… At its core, it’s all about removing noise.
Jeff: Noise?
Amber: Yep… You see, in the stock market, there are literally millions of investors buying and selling different stocks at different prices… every minute of every day.

All that buying and selling generates… well…

Jeff: Noise?
Amber: Exactly! This noise comes in the form of price fluctuations that obscure short-term trends lying just below the surface.

And I’ve developed a method that lets me cut through the noise so I can get a clear picture of where a stock is heading…

When its direction is going to change…

And of course, how to profit from this advanced knowledge.

For example, my “noise reduction” method lets me take a stock price chart like this one from Abercrombie & Fitch…

And remove the noise to generate something as deceptively simple-looking as this…

This noise-free version tells me exactly when to get into… and out of… a trade for maximum profit.

Which in this case, was a $6,600 profit in just five days.

Jeff: And that’s not the only time you’ve used this “filtering” method, is it?
Amber: Not by a long shot! I’ve used this proprietary filter to generate a 55% return on Xcel Energy…

A 51% return on Radian Group…

And a 64% return on American Airlines…

If you’d taken a $10,000 stake in each of these three opportunities, today you could be sitting on a cool $47,000.

But these are just a few of the double- and triple-digit gains I can show you…

And I’m sure we’ll look at more detailed examples in the next few minutes.

Jeff: Oh, we definitely will.

And I just want to add, Amber… when you break it down the way you just did, your approach to finding profitable short-term trades seems pretty simple to understand.

Amber: That’s because my method filters out all the confusing “garbage” that gets in the way of seeing clear money-making trends.
Jeff: And you’re saying the music theory you learned as child was the genesis of your system?
Amber: It was. You see, I grew up in Alabama… in a small town about half-way between Birmingham and Huntsville.

My dad was a pastor there.

So… the entire family… a lot of our life revolved around the community, the congregation, and the church.

And being the eldest daughter of a pastor… I started taking music lessons when I was around ten so I could play piano during Sunday service.

Jeff: As a ten-year-old, I’m guessing you had no idea that a just handful of years later, you’d be using your music education to crush the stock market.
Amber: No… I didn’t have the first clue about the stock market when I was a kid!

In fact, I didn’t make the connection between music and markets until over a decade later when I was serving with the Military in Iraq.

Jeff: Well… before we continue, let me thank you for your service.
Amber: You’re quite welcome. It was an honor to serve our country.
Jeff: So can you tell me, because this is all very fascinating…

How exactly did music lessons and military service lead to an investing breakthrough this powerful?

Because at first glance, they don’t seem related in the least…

Amber: Of course, I can understand why you’d think that…

But they’re far more intertwined than even I could have imagined.

Let me explain…

As a soldier in Iraq I didn’t have a lot of downtime, but when I did…

I started to invest a little… you know, a few hundred dollars here and there.

At the time I didn’t really know what I was doing.

So every time I made money on a trade, it felt like I’d end up losing it on the next one.

I knew there were people making a lot of money trading stocks, but I had no idea how they were doing it.

So I kept reading and experimenting.

Then one day, I was looking at a chart of the S&P 500…

And it triggered an old memory… an image I’d seen as a kid.

In a flash, my music training came rushing back…

Jeff: So you had a lightbulb moment?
Amber: Oh… Exactly!

A real epiphany.

Because as I stared at this normal-looking chart, it occurred to me that stock price movements look similar to sound waves.

For example, here’s an image of the sound frequencies from a keyboard instrument…

Notice how similar this looks to a stock price chart.

Jeff: Yeah… there are similarities… for sure.
Amber: And I started to think…

What if there was a way to process stock movements the same way sound engineers process music in recording studios?

So I researched it… ran some test trades using my theory… and it worked!

I started investing small amounts of money using my “noise reduction” filters and in no time I was making money more consistently than I ever did following hunches from the trading “gurus” whose work I sometimes read.

More shockingly, after about a year, I was making more as a part-time trader than I was as a full-time Army officer.

And I’ve been doing it ever since.

Jeff: I love this story, Amber.

Would you mind sharing a few more examples of how your filter system works?

Amber: Sure thing…

My noise filtering method allowed me to make a 50% return on Newell Brands in just 7 days…

An 82% gain on The Southern Company

And 44% on Prologis in a little under 24 hours.

A $10,000 stake in each of these opportunities could have dropped a free-and-clear profit of $17,600 into your investment account very quickly.

Jeff: Impressive!

So without giving away your “secret sauce,” can you break down the basic elements of your approach for us?

Amber: Certainly.

I hinted at this earlier but at its core, my approach involves applying filters to remove the noise that prevents us from seeing clear patterns in stock prices.

Here’s an example from the music world…

If I hit a single note on a piano, the waveform it makes looks something like this…

It’s what I’d call a “clean” pattern.

And because it’s free of noise… just from looking at it, I can predict accurately when it’s going to change direction and how far it’s going to rise or fall before it changes direction again.

Jeff: Agreed. It’s a predictable pattern.
Amber: Exactly.

But music gets complicated when many instruments play different notes at the same time.

For instance, here’s the snapshot of a piece of music being played by a 52-piece orchestra…

There’s a piano playing somewhere in here…

But because there’s so much noise being generated by the other 51 instruments…

It’s impossible to pick out the piano.

I mean… if I asked even the most talented musician in the world to look at this chart and tell me what note the piano was playing…

They wouldn’t be able to do it. They’d have to guess.

And this is where my music training kicked in…

Because as a teenager, I spent time playing around with keyboard synthesizers and recording equipment.

And there were always dials or sliders that allowed me to remove the “noise” from the music I was making so I could focus on the notes I wanted to emphasize.

I later learned these “controls” were essentially filters.

Jeff: Filters? Can you give me an example of a musical filter?
Amber: Well… the simplest examples would be the bass, midrange, and treble knobs you’d find on a home stereo system, a radio, or a boombox.

Any time you turn one of these knobs, you’re applying a filter.

Jeff: Okay… some people might call these “EQ” or equalizer controls.
Amber: Exactly. But no matter what you call them… they’re essentially filters.

So going back to our orchestra… if I wanted to know what note the piano was playing, I’d have to remove the other 51 instruments.

I’d start by turning down the bass to remove the low frequency “noise.”

Then, the chart would look like this…

Now we’re not done yet, but with the low frequencies removed, I’m better able to focus on what’s left.

If I then, turn down the treble… and maybe boost the midrange a little…


That leaves me with this…

Jeff: Hmm… that looks like something we can work with.
Amber: Very much so.

With the high and low frequency noise filtered out…

The single spike remaining on the chart tells me exactly what note the piano’s playing.

And if you recall the close-up of the piano note I showed you a moment ago…

It’s now completely free of noise. And because of that stripped-down view, I can tell with spot-on accuracy the direction it’s moving at any point in time…

Plus, how high or low it’s going to travel before it changes direction.

Jeff: And you’re able to do this same kind of filtering on stock prices?
Amber: Well… for the record, stock price movements are much more complicated than musical notes…

And my filtering process involves more than turning knobs on a boombox.

But yes… the principle is the same.

Jeff: That’s fascinating.

Do you mind if we look at a trade example?

Amber: Not at all.

Just like the examples I showed you earlier, I apply a 3-step process for all my trades.


I start with regular stock price data.

I start by applying my filters to remove the “noise” we discussed earlier.

This reveals the smooth indicator curve I call my Profit Wave.

As you can see on the screen, the Profit Wave fluctuates above and below an imaginary horizontal line running through the center of the chart. I call this my zero line.

Next, I look for a buy signal. That’s confirmed when my Profit Wave crosses the center zero line in an upward direction. When this happens, I initiate the trade.

And later… usually within a few days… when my indicator reaches its peak and changes direction… that’s my sell signal. So, I close out the trade and take profits.

Does that make sense, Jeff?

Jeff: It does. I can’t wait to see it in action.
Amber: Good stuff.

Here’s an opportunity in a mining company called AngloGold Ashanti that illustrates the process nicely.

I started by applying my Profit Wave Filter to remove the noise…

Then, on November 30th, my indicator crossed the zero-line on its way up indicating it was time to buy.

So I issued an alert and entered the trade.

Twelve calendar days later, my Profit Wave reversed direction… telling me the upward trend was over, so I unwound the trade on December 12th…

For a return of 100%.

Jeff: Exactly one-hundred percent?
Amber: Yep… 100 on the nose.

Now, my trades don’t always work out that precisely. But this one did.

So, anyone who invested $10,000 in this opportunity on the day I recommended it could have turned that stake it into exactly $20,000 in just a little under two weeks.

Jeff: I love this, Amber.

It kind of makes a buy-and-hold strategy look completely obsolete.

Amber: Well… I understand why you’d say that, but the reality is…

Every investor benefits from having a core buy-and-hold portfolio of good, solid, growth and income stocks.

That’s been the cornerstone of retirement investing since… basically forever.

But a strategy like mine is an excellent way to diversify your buy-and-hold portfolio and add some extra juice to your overall returns.

Jeff: Well-said, Amber.

What I especially like about your approach is that it lets investors take profits usually within a few days.

That means their money isn’t tied up for months waiting for a trade to go their way.

Amber: Exactly.

My goal is to get into and out of these trades quickly and profitably.

In my opinion, no one should put their money at risk chasing one big “home run” trade over the course of six or eight months.

It makes a lot more sense to string together base hits and doubles… forty or fifty times a year.

Jeff: Amen to that.

So, Amber… applying your Profit Wave Filters to stock prices seems like complicated work.

Surely you don’t do this analysis with a pencil and a calculator.

Amber: Nooo… Not by a long shot.

My approach is data intensive, so I use computer software to do the number crunching.

The computer analyzes thousands of listed stocks in real time all day long.

And the moment it identifies a clear breakout pattern based on my filters…

It alerts me and I review the data.

I mean, as powerful as computers are today, I still feel much better confirming their decisions before going all-in…

So, I spend as much time as necessary digging into the numbers, and when I’m 100% confident my filters and indicators are on-the-money… I release the trade.

Jeff: So, it’s a hybrid, human-plus-machine approach?
Amber: Exactly.

The computer works faster and processes far more data than I could ever handle on my own.

And because it’s programmed with rules I developed through years of detailed research, I don’t ever feel the need to second-guess the computer. All I do is confirm its decisions.

But what I love most about this approach is that it takes luck, hunches, guesswork, and emotions completely out of the equation.

Jeff: Fantastic.

I’m loving these examples. Can we look at another one?

Amber: Absolutely.

Here’s a trade that worked out really quickly.

This was a construction company called Arcosa.

I started by applying my filters to remove the noise.

And on December 12th, my Profit Wave crossed the zero line to the upside… that’s my buy signal.

So I instantly issued an alert and we entered the trade.

Then, close to 24 hours later, my Wave reversed, so we closed out the position for a gain just shy of 94%.

Jeff: Whoa… hang on a minute.

You’re saying you turned around a 94% profit in one day?

Amber: Yep… a little under 24 hours.

So anyone who’d invested $10,000 in this trade and closed it out when I recommended had just under $19,400 in their account by the end of the following day.

Jeff: That’s amazing, Amber!

Earlier we mentioned the “Holy Grail of investing.” It almost seems like you’ve uncovered it with your Profit Wave System.

Amber: Well, my approach is reliable and consistent…

But the reality is there are risks with every investment.

And my system is no different.

Jeff: I appreciate that, Amber.

So, I’m looking at your track record right now.

And over the past 12 months you’ve recommended 49 winning trades with an average holding period of just over 8 days.

And 14 of those winning trades worked out in a single day!

If an investor had taken a $10,000 stake in just those 14 one-day trades… they’d have made a net profit of $54,358…

And their money would never have been out of their hands for more than 24 hours at a time.

That’s truly impressive!

Amber: Well, thank you.

I feel blessed that my work helps everyday investors build wealth… without making huge, risky, long-term bets.

Jeff: So, Amber… before we started our recording today, you promised to share a couple of upcoming trades with our audience.

Can we talk about those?

Amber: Of course.

The first one is what I like to call my “Perfect Storm” trade.

This type of opportunity happens when three uncommon indicators all come together at exactly the same time.

The first one is a clear and strong zero-crossing by my Profit Wave.

As we saw a moment ago… this one indicator alone can generate a 100% return within a few days.

Jeff: Well… exactly. This single “note” has made some folks a lot of money.
Amber: The second indicator is volatility.
Jeff: Interesting… And how does that factor into the equation?
Amber: Well first of all, volatility means something different to me than it does to most people.

You see, the media has conditioned investors to think of volatility as a bad thing.

When a news anchor describes the market as “volatile,” it usually means stock prices are swinging up and down wildly.

So that term makes a lot of investors nervous.

But in my approach, I think about volatility differently.

For me, it’s the probability a trade will move in a winning direction.

Think about it this way…

If a stock price hasn’t budged in weeks… it has close to zero volatility.

That means the stock has no directional trend… like a sailboat on a lake with no wind.

And if a stock isn’t moving, it’s almost impossible to make money from it over the short term.

So low, or even average volatility, means the probability of a massive short-term win is low.

Jeff: So, if I understand correctly, Amber…

  • Low volatility… bad
  • High volatility… good
Amber: That’s essentially the message.

Now the important thing to know is that high volatility on its own can be meaningless.

But when you combine it with a strong and clear buy signal from my Profit Wave System…

Well, that makes me even more confident the opportunity will be a profitable one.

Jeff: And based on your track record, I’d say two out three is enough to make for an almost-certain short-term win.
Amber: Yes… it can be.

And I’ve certainly recommended profitable trades in the past based on just these two indicators.

But when the third traffic light goes green at the same time… that tells me the opportunity could be as close to a “sure thing” as you’ll ever see.

And it often means it pays out quickly, too.

Jeff: You’ve got my attention, Amber.

What’s the third indicator?

Amber: My third indicator is a corporate “report card” that agrees with my buy signal.

As you know, Jeff… companies release official financial reports every few months.

And when you know what to look for, these reports can give a reliable view into how the company will perform over the short term.

So, when I uncover a strong buy signal… plus high volatility… plus a corporate “report card” all pointing in the same direction…

Jeff: You have a “perfect storm?”
Amber: Exactly…

When these three indicators line up at the same time and in the same direction… we have a “perfect storm” opportunity.

And one of these has been brewing for the past few days.

Two of the three indicators tell me it’s go time.

And the company is releasing a financial report a few days from now.

So the minute I get confirmation that the company’s performance is pointing in the same direction as my other two indicators… I’ll immediately issue an alert and enter the trade.

Jeff: Are you able to estimate how big a return you’ll see from this “perfect storm?”
Amber: Well… projecting or estimating returns before I close out a trade is not something I do.

But if everything lines up the way I believe it will, there’s no reason the return from this “perfect storm” couldn’t be similar to this Exxon Mobil trade…

That delivered a 72% gain… and turned every $10,000 into $17,200 in just five days.

Or it could be similar to this T. Rowe Price trade…

That handed some investors a 90% gain…

And turned every $10,000 invested into $19,000… in just twenty-two days.

Jeff: Amber, I’ve got to tell you… I’m a big fan of your Profit Wave system and I’m looking forward to getting the details on this “perfect storm” opportunity.

I mean…

Anyone who’s been investing in stocks for even a short period knows gains of 72% and 90% are extremely rare… even over a twelve-month period.

But you consistently hand-deliver returns like these… in a matter of days.

I love it!

But here’s something I’m curious about…

I’ve noticed on a few of your charts that the stock price changes were small when compared to the overall returns on your trades.

I mean… if we look at your “perfect storm” examples…

Just eyeballing these charts… we’re looking at maybe a 2 or 3% change on the Exxon Mobil stock price.

And somewhere south of 10% on T. Rowe Price.

But as we can see in red on the charts, your trades returned 72% and 90%.

What’s going on there?

Amber: Good catch, Jeff.

Investors who took positions in the stock of these companies on the same dates I initiated my trades, would have only seen a 2.5% return on Exxon Mobil and a 6.3% gain on T. Rowe Price.

So if they’d risked $10,000 on each stock, they’d have made a total profit of $880.

Now, I’ll take an $880 win any day of the week.


I didn’t buy the stock.

Instead, I bought call options on the stock.

And by investing the same $10,000 in call options on Exxon Mobil and T. Rowe Price, I was able to turn those two tiny stock moves into a total profit of $16,200.

Jeff: That’s more than 18 times the profit on the stock trades!
Amber: Exactly.

Buying options instead of the stocks multiplied our gains by a factor of 28 times on Exxon Mobil and 14 times on T. Rowe Price.

My Profit Wave System supercharges our profits on every trade.

And it helps those trades pay out quickly as well.

Jeff: I can’t think of any investor who doesn’t want fast, amplified profits.

But what do you say to viewers who think options are complicated?

Amber: Well, look…

It’s true that options can be complicated.

After all, there are tens of thousands of listed stock options in the market.

And investors who have no guidance and are left on their own to decide which option to buy on any given day…

Well, yes… that would be overwhelming.

But with my Profit Wave System, trading options is no more complicated than buying or selling stock.

When I uncover a new opportunity, I issue an immediate email alert telling investors exactly what to buy and at what price.

Here’s a sample alert…


You don’t have to understand anything about options math or pricing to follow the simple instructions in this email.

All you have to do is repeat those exact words to your broker.

Or, if you prefer to trade online… simply copy and paste the option symbol into your web browser…

Click a couple of buttons…

And you’re done.

Jeff: Well, you’ve convinced me, Amber.

Trading options doesn’t have to be complicated. Or scary.

And what do you say to people who think they’re risky?

Amber: Look… the reality is… any time you invest in anything, there’s a chance you can lose money.

But, as far as risk goes…

Let’s take a look at the T. Rowe Price trade again.

Anyone who took a $10,000 stake in this Profit Wave trade, turned a net profit of $9,000… that’s a 90% return.

For an investor to have made the same $9,000 profit from T. Rowe Price stock over the same period…

They would have had to own almost $143,000 worth of stock.

Now, Jeff… I can only speak for myself…

But any time I’m given the choice between risking $10,000 or $143,000 to generate the same $9,000 profit…

I will ALWAYS pick the lower amount…

Because I’m putting far less of my money at risk.

Jeff: I’m 100% with you on that, Amber.

Risking less money for a shot at the same… or even higher… profit is always the best move.

Amber: It is.

And here’s something else I think everyone will appreciate about my Profit Wave System… especially right now…

The trades I make with it allow me to generate profits no matter what direction the market is moving.

Jeff: Wait… are you saying your Profit Wave approach makes money when the market’s selling off, or even correcting?
Amber: Oh, absolutely…

When stock prices are falling, I execute essentially the same trade… but in reverse.

Remember, my Profit Wave filters let me identify short-term patterns inside stock price movements…

Those patterns ALWAYS exist.

It doesn’t matter if the market’s moving up, down, or sideways…

When my Wave indicator identifies and confirms a short-term trend, I act on it immediately.

Here’s an example of a downward move we profited from in a huge way… this time on a company called Boston Scientific.

Again… I followed my battle-tested process…

  1. Filter out the high and low frequency noise to generate my Profit Wave indicator.
  2. Identify a buy signal… this time when my Wave crosses the zero line in a downward direction… and initiate the trade.
  3. Then finally, wait until the Wave peaks and changes direction to close out the trade and take profits.

As you can see from this chart, on November 15th, my Wave crossed the zero line to the downside indicating a buy signal.

So I issued an email alert and entered the trade.

Jeff: Sorry to interrupt, Amber but this might be confusing for some of our viewers…

In this example, you uncovered a downward trend but you bought an option.

Can you explain how you’d profit from buying something that’s trending lower?

Amber: Excellent question.

So, there are two main types of stock options:

  • CALL options — which you buy when you expect a stock to increase in value; and
  • PUT options — which you buy when you expect the stock price to decrease.

In both cases, you buy the option. But calls and puts generate profits from price moves in opposite directions.

Does that make sense?

Jeff: It does.

Thanks for explaining that.

Amber: No worries.

Now I love this Boston Scientific trade because it shows not only how the system works in down markets…

But it also demonstrates how the “trend” doesn’t have to be a straight line.

As you can see, the stock price surged higher for a couple of days after we entered the trade.

It was nowhere close to a straight downward line.

Jeff: Yeah… just looking at the chart, the upward move would have made me second guess the trade.
Amber: Right!

But one of the huge benefits of following a trading system is it allows you to take your emotions out of the equation.

So rather than get nervous that my indicator was wrong, I put my fear to the side, and trusted the system just as I have hundreds of times in the past.

For that reason, I didn’t sweat the short-term move in the least.

On November 15th—the day I published my trade alert—the stock closed at a price of $36.47.

Five days later—on November 20th—my Profit Wave told me the trend was reversing.

So I issued an alert and we closed our trade immediately.

That day, BSX closed at $34.05—a drop of $2.42.

Jeff: If my math’s correct, that’s less than a 10% drop in price.
Amber: That’s right… it was a 6.6% move.

But my trade…

It generated a return of 109.6%…

Jeff: Amber, I just want to take a moment and put that into perspective for our viewers.

If they had bought $10,000 worth of Boston Scientific stock on November 15th and sold it five days later, they would have lost $660.

Now… not a huge loss… but a loss, nonetheless.

Amber: Exactly.
Jeff: But…

If they’d followed your Profit Wave System instead, they could have turned that same $10,000 into $20,960. In just five days!

Amber: Correct.

On this trade, some folks had the opportunity to more than double their initial investment…

While owning the stock would have generated a loss.

Jeff: I really love this, Amber.

Can we see another example where you’ve delivered profits when stock prices are tanking?

Amber: Of course.

Here’s one that took a little longer to play out, but it generated an even bigger return than my Boston Scientific trade.

This was a company called Wright Medical Group…

I started by filtering out the high and low frequency noise… to isolate my clean Profit Wave indicator…

Identifying a buy signal…

Issuing an alert and entering the trade.

Here’s exactly how that played out…

On July 24th, my indicator identified a downward trend.

So, I issued a trade alert that allowed me to profit from the coming drop.

Much like the BSX trade I just showed you… here again, the stock inched higher for several days before dropping off quickly on August 8th.

Jeff: In this case, Amber… the stock dropped $5.60 over that period.

That looks to be close to… what… 20%?

Amber: Yup… 20.3%.
Jeff: So anyone holding $10,000 worth of Wright Medical Group stock over that period would have seen its value drop over $2,000.
Amber: That’s right.
Jeff: Okay… tell me… how’d your trade work out?
Amber: Well, the simple instructions I sent out over email gave the investors who follow my work a 185.7% return.
Jeff: So close to a 186% gain on your trade versus a 20% loss by owning the stock?
Amber: Yep.

On a $10,000 investment, we’re looking at a $18,570 profit versus a $2,000 loss.

Jeff: And over a period of only 15 days… Incredible!
Amber: That’s the whole purpose of my Profit Wave System…

To generate supercharged gains, quickly and with the lowest possible risk.

If we have time, Jeff, I’d like to show another example.

Jeff: Absolutely… go for it.
Amber: This wasn’t one of my biggest wins but it’s one of my favorite trades because it worked out so quickly.

Again, I used my three-step process:

  1. Apply filters to generate my Profit Wave indicator.
  2. Identify a clear crossing of the zero line to confirm my buy signal… and initiate the trade.
  3. Wait for the Wave to reverse direction… close out the trade and take profits.

On July 30th, my filters indicated the home developer M.D.C. Holdings was ripe for a fall.

I double-checked the numbers, confirmed the coming stock move would be a quick one, and issued a trade alert.

Then — just like clockwork — the next day, MDC dropped like a stone.

So we closed out the trade and banked profits.

Now, between July 30th and 31st, MDC stock dropped only $1.56… just a little over 4%.

But my Profit Wave trade handed us a gain of 71.4%.

So, a $10,000 investment in MDC stock would have you sitting on a loss of just over $400.

But that same $10,000 invested in my Profit Wave trade delivered a cash return of $7,140 within twenty-four hours.

Jeff: A 71% return in 24 hours… when the stock was tanking!?

In my opinion, your Profit Wave System is a tool no serious investor should be without.

Now, Amber… you’ve shown us how your system supercharges gains.

But I’m curious — and I’ll bet our viewers are curious about this as well — does it also supercharge or “amplify” your losses?

Amber: I’m glad you asked, Jeff.

The short answer is ‘no’… the Profit Wave System does not amplify losses.

The slightly longer answer is that whenever you buy an option, the most you can ever lose is the amount you paid to enter the trade.

If you pay a hundred and forty-one dollars for an options contract, the most you can lose is a hundred and forty-one dollars.

Now, I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t care about losing that amount.

Nobody likes to take a loss. And that very much includes me.

But the reality is, anytime you invest in anything… stocks, bonds, ETFs, futures, or anything else…

There’s always a chance of losing your entire investment.

And options are no different.

So the bottom line is, my Profit Wave System gives you opportunities to supercharge upside returns by 10, 20, sometimes even 30 or 40 times over the returns on the underlying stock…

But the one thing it doesn’t do is put you on the hook for a penny more than you paid to enter the trade in the first place.

Jeff: So, let me quickly summarize that for our viewers. What you’ve said is Profit Wave lets you:

  1. Quickly supercharge or “amplify” your profits by as much as 40 times over a regular stock trade;
  2. And at the same time, it limits your downside loss to the amount you invested when you entered the trade.
Amber: Yes, exactly.
Jeff: And I also want to emphasize… and this is especially important during the recent market volatility we’ve seen…

Amber’s Profit Wave System lets you make money during downward market moves.

It goes without saying… if you hold stocks when prices are declining …

Your account balance will take a hit.

But Profit Wave allows you turn quick profits… even while other investors are losing their shirts.

For example… in February and March of this year… when the market dropped 33% over the course of a few short weeks…

Amber’s Profit Wave generated wins like these…

  • 14.7% on Zuora in 24 hours…
  • 33.3% on Alcoa… also in 24 hours…
  • And another 33% win on Campbell Soup in only 2 days!

Investors who owned $10,000 worth of stock in each of these three companies saw their accounts drop as much as $1,300.


Folks who followed Amber’s simple Profit Wave instructions, and took a $10,000 stake in each of these three trades, had the opportunity to walk away with an all-in net profit of just over $8,100.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been in the investment industry for nearly 20 years…

And Amber’s Profit Wave is the only system I’ve ever seen that can help regular investors generate consistent, short-term gains whether the market’s moving up, down, or sideways.

With your permission Amber, I’d like to share some feedback we’ve received from investors who’ve followed your Profit Wave recommendations.

Amber: I don’t mind at all.
Jeff: Great! Here are just a few examples…

Tom D. wrote to tell us he’d…


There’s Matt S. who’s seen…


Chris W. shared…


Lonnie K. wrote in to say…


And another happy retiree, Richard L., told us…


Sharon R. shared that she’s seen…


And David M. wrote…


Now, I want to point out… these notes aren’t from professional investors.

They’re from hard-working, everyday Americans… some of whom are making more money in retirement than they were during their working years…

All from following your Profit Wave recommendations.

That tells me you’re doing something right, Amber.

Amber: Well, I’m always thrilled to hear about investor wins…

But it bears repeating… not every Profit Wave trade results in a win.

I’ve taken losses along the way.

My Profit Wave System isn’t perfect. But no trading system is.

I’m just happy my work gives investors opportunities to profit week in and week out.

Jeff: I appreciate your honesty, Amber.

Now… before the broadcast, I promised our viewers you’d share two trade opportunities.

A littler earlier, you showed us the first one… your “perfect storm” trade.

Can you give us details on the second one?

Amber: I’d be happy to.

I like to call this opportunity my “seasonal” trade.

As you’re aware Jeff, there are corporate events that often happen around the same time each year. Things like…

Earnings reports…

Dividend distributions…

New product announcements…

Those kinds of things.

I call this my “seasonal” trade because it takes advantage of these recurring annual events…

And turns them into cash profits.

Well, just this morning, my filters sifted through all the regular noise in one particular company’s stock chart – and pinpointed a downward movement that happens very close to this time every 12 months or so…

I’ll be sending a detailed trade alert to investors about how to profit from this move within the next day or two.

Jeff: Can you ballpark the returns you’re expecting?
Amber: Well again, I don’t like to predict returns in advance of exiting a trade.

But I see no reason this new opportunity couldn’t be similar to this trade on Dover Corporation that generated a 55.8% return in 15 days

Turning a $10,000 stake into $15,580 in just over two weeks.

Or this opportunity in the pharmaceutical company Pfizer that generated a 52.2% gain.

For some folks, that trade turned a $10,000 stake into $15,220 in only 5 days.

Jeff: Amber, I just want to point out to our viewers that these two examples you’ve just shown us aren’t hypothetical opportunities…

They’re real-world trades you shared with investors.

Amber: Absolutely, Jeff…

Real world trades and real-world results.

Jeff: And folks who followed the simple instructions in your email alerts for these two trades could have turned the $20,000 they invested… $10,000 on each trade… into a total of $30,800.
Amber: That’s right.
Jeff: Amber, this has been an incredible conversation.

I’ve learned a lot and I’m more impressed than ever with the results your Profit Wave System is generating for everyday investors.

Amber: You’re quite welcome, Jeff.

I enjoyed our chat.

Jeff: So listen, I know you’ve got work to do putting together alerts for the two trades you detailed today, so I’m going to let you get back to your office.

And I encourage everyone who tuned in today to stay with me for another minute and a half because I’m going to show you the exact steps you need to take today to get on Amber’s email list and receive detailed instructions on her “seasonal” and “perfect storm” trades…

Which you expect to issue to your list within the next few days… correct, Amber?

Amber: That’s right… if not sooner.
Jeff: Great!

Amber… Once again, thank you for joining me today and for showing our viewers the incredible gains your Profit Wave System delivers to the lucky investors on your email list.

I appreciate your time and I look forward to chatting again soon.

Amber: Thank you, Jeff. It’s been a pleasure.

Earlier, I described Amber as a “remarkable” analyst and now you’ve seen exactly why that’s true.

Here’s a quick summary of the winning trades she shared with us today…

The total of those returns comes to a shocking 1,325%.

With an average holding period of only 9 days!

Now to be clear, there were a few losers along the way too…

But if you’d acted on the winning trade alerts I just showed you…

And invested $10,000 in each one…

Today, you could be sitting on a whopping $322,500!

Better still, Amber’s next two opportunities will be hitting email inboxes in just a matter of days.

So… how exactly do reserve a spot on her trade alert email list?

Very simple…

By securing a subscription to her trading advisory called… Profit Amplifier.

This elite service is where Amber shares her best Profit Wave trade ideas every week of the year.

In the past 12 months alone, she’s published 49 winning trades…

That’s an average of close to one winning trade every week!

When you join Profit Amplifier today, you’ll be among the first to receive:

As a member, you’ll also receive…

52 Weeks of Profit Amplifier Trade Alerts

text messageThat means over the next 12 months, you’ll receive between 50 and 70 trade opportunities…

Each one has the potential to turn a $10,000 stake into as much as $28,571… over time periods ranging from one day to a few weeks.

Each Profit Amplifier trade alert will hit your inbox the moment Amber identifies an opportunity.

And remember, you don’t need to know anything about options trading for this system to generate massive short-term wins for you.

Your email alerts will contain simple instructions you can read verbatim to your broker…

Or if you prefer, you can copy and paste the symbol into your online brokerage account…

Click a button or two…

And be done.

And Amber doesn’t leave you alone to decide when to exit a trade.

The moment her Profit Wave System determines it’s time to book profits, she’ll send an instant email alert directly to your inbox containing precise instructions on how to close out the trade…

Lock in your gains…

And prepare to invest in the next double- or triple-digit breakout opportunity.

As a Profit Amplifier member, you’ll also receive…

Weekly Market Outlook Updates

weekly updatesEach week, Amber will send you an exclusive briefing containing her outlook and commentary on the stock market and the economy… plus, any new “big picture” opportunities she’s tracking. With these reports close at hand, you’ll never be at a loss for the most up-to-date market overviews.

Members-Only Website

websiteThe moment you join Profit Amplifier, you’ll receive a username and password to access Amber’s secure, private website. Inside, you’ll have unrestricted access to all of Amber’s detailed research reports, every Trade Alert she’s ever issued, plus her entire library of exclusive investment reports, briefings, and trainings.

Direct Access to Amber

AmberInside the Profit Amplifier membership site, you’re able to interact directly with Amber through the Stock Talk discussion forum. While she’s unable to offer personal investment advice, Amber checks the group for messages and questions on daily basis and often replies personally.

VIP Concierge Service

customer serviceAs a Profit Amplifier member, you also become part of our Profitable Trading VIP community. And we make sure you’re treated accordingly! That means you’ll get an exclusive phone number where you can reach our dedicated VIP Concierge team every weekday during business hours. The team is standing by to ensure any questions, concerns, or problems you have as a member are dealt with quickly, thoroughly, and professionally.

Plus, when you join Profit Amplifier today, we’ll include three exclusive bonus reports.

Each report is designed to get you up and running with options trading quickly and with minimum effort.

BONUS REPORT #1: Options 101: The 15-Minute Starter’s Guide to Options Trading

report coverIn this guide, Amber removes all the mystery and complexity around options how to trade them profitably.

Inside, you’ll discover how options:

Even if you’ve never traded options in your life, this report reveals step-by-step … everything you need to know to get started with Profit Amplifier immediately. With zero frustration.

BONUS REPORT #2: Profit Amplifier’s Brokerage Guide

report coverBefore you can trade options in your account, you need clearance from your broker. If you’re not already cleared, this plain English guide boils it down to a simple process you can knock out in 5 minutes flat. It might also save you some cash… because inside, we reveal our exclusive list of online brokers who offer excellent commission rates and superior customer service.

And even if you already trade options, your current broker could be overcharging you. This guide will allow you to compare rates and pick the broker who’s the best fit for your budget and trading style.

BONUS REPORT #3: Little Black Book of Trading Secrets

report coverInside this confidential, “for your eyes only” report, Amber reveals the exact process she uses to find profitable trade opportunities… and the crucial factors she applies to ensure they’re winners.

The checklist Amber shares in this report is the same one she uses to generate double and triple-digit gains every week of the year… no matter what direction the markets are moving.

You won’t find insider trading secrets like these available anywhere else at any price.

If they were available for sale, each of these bonus reports would cost you $199.

But you’ll receive instant access to this entire “options trading library”— a $597 value — absolutely FREE when you join Profit Amplifier today.

As Amber reminded us just moments ago, she doesn’t believe you should take big, long-term risks with your money.

That’s why she focuses on hitting base hits and doubles 50 to 70 times a year…

And Profit Amplifier members receive exactly those types of opportunities…

Through up markets and down markets.

By applying proprietary filtering techniques that were inspired by her childhood music training…

Amber will deliver you weekly opportunities to turn even the smallest stock price moves into supercharged gains.

And the only way you can get all the details on these trade opportunities is to join her Profit Amplifier advisory.

The normal price for Profit Amplifier membership is $1,994 per year.

And given your gains from a single trade could easily cover your membership fee several times over…

There’s no doubt joining Amber’s top-tier service is the single best thing you can do today.

But, we’re not going to ask you to pay anywhere close to that…At least not if you’re one of the first 100 people to take action right now…

Because when you jump on this opportunity immediately, you won’t pay the full $1,994…

In fact, you won’t pay $1,494…or even $1,294…

Not even close. Because when you snap up one of the 100 spots we’ve opened today…

You’ll be doing it at 50% off the regular membership fee…

Which means you’ll only pay $997 for a year’s worth of Amber’s Profit Wave trades…

Plus all the bonuses I showed you a moment ago.

Now, why would we make an offer like this?

Well… we want to fill these 100 membership spots as fast as humanly possible.

And we want to show every last one of these new members how incredible Profit Amplifier is at generating supercharged trading gains over short time frames…

We want them all to see results like these folks are enjoying. People like…

Andrew G. who wrote to tell us his Profit Amplifier subscription…


Retiree Michael O. who said…


Allison M. who described a four-month period where…


Gerald M. chimed in with…


There’s Maddy S. who dropped us a note to say…


Peter K. let us know…


And here’s a note from James R. who says…


Some of these results are extraordinary, of course…

But I’m sharing them because I wanted you see firsthand what kind of results are possible with Amber’s system…

There is one catch to this special deal, though…

We can’t offer refunds.

Profit Amplifier isn’t for tire kickers.

You’re either all in… or you’re not in at all.

However… what we DO offer to bold action takers is an unheard-of 1,000% gain guarantee.

Here’s how it works…

Over the next 12 months, if the gains from all Amber’s winning trades don’t add up to at least 1,000%…

Just let us know, and we’ll give you a second year of Profit Amplifier… absolutely free.

Now if this sounds like a ridiculous guarantee… it’s not.

And here’s why…

Over the past 12 months, Amber has delivered a string of winning returns totaling 1,785%.

And I’m confident she’ll do as well… and maybe even better… in the coming 12 months.

After all, Amber’s Profit Wave System works by taking tiny stock price movements of 2% to 10%…

And turning them into supercharged gains of 55%… 92%… even as high as 185%…

Often in a matter of days.

Plus… as you’ve seen in the comments above, Profit Amplifier has a long trail of happy… and wealthy… members.

Each of them are regular folks who were willing to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

And in each case, their bold moves have been rewarded with the potential for short-term cash profits month-after-month.

There’s absolutely no reason you can’t join them and experience the same kind of results, too.

But, I need to warn you… the clock is ticking…

So you need to act quickly.

Remember, we’re only letting 100 people join Profit Amplifier today…

And at the ridiculously low rate of $997, I don’t expect the remaining seats to last much longer.

Once the last available seat is filled, your window of opportunity will snap shut instantly.

I wish we could allow more people to join.

But Amber says 100 is the maximum number of new members she can handle right now. After all, she needs to focus her time and attention on:

So, my advice…

Do not put off joining Profit Amplifier until later.

With only 100 membership spots available today…

I expect the few remaining seats will disappear before the day is over.

If you leave this page and come back tomorrow… or even a few hours from now…

Don’t be surprised if you’re greeted by a big, red CLOSED sign because someone else has claimed your seat

Click the button below to review all the details on how you can bank 1,000% gains in the next year by joining Profit Amplifier today.

I’m Jeff Little.

And on behalf of Amber Hestla, thank you for taking the time to watch this presentation.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new Profit Amplifier member very soon.

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