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Start Here to Make $287,000 on the Trump Impeachment Trade

One 5-minute trade could make you $287,000. But you need to place it NOW

Congratulations on moving quickly on this opportunity.

This is a play on the impeachment of a president—an exceedingly rare event.

Right now the smart money on the electronic betting markets is telling us that there is a 41% chance that Donald Trump will be impeached before his first term is out.

If the stock market reacts like it did the only other time a president was forced out of office, this trade could turn $10,000 into $287,000.

And you can get started for just $167. Wall Street insiders call this unusual situation an “asymmetric trade.” If you lose, your loss is tiny. But if you win, your gain is massive.

The key here is that Trump doesn’t even have to leave office for you to make money. This trade is designed to work even if he just gets impeached—whether or not he is forced out of the White House.

If Trump’s enemies do succeed in pushing him out of office … and if the reaction is remotely similar to the only other time a president resigned… we could see a market crashing in panic. But instead of watching your net worth evaporate, you could walk away with $287,000 on this single trade.

The Clock Is Ticking…

report coverNow that Democrats have seized control of Congress and likelihood of impeachment is growing… the time to place the Trump Impeachment Trade and secure this cheap insurance against disaster is NOW.

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