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Dear Investor,

Congratulations on your decision to join Profit Amplifier.

This premium trading service is designed to help you build wealth faster than you ever have before…

All while exposing you to far less risk than other trading strategies.

AmberAs Amber puts it…

“I prefer base hits and doubles 50 to 70 times a year rather than risking everything on a single home run trade.”

And Amber’s Profit Amplifier advisory delivers exactly that…

Opportunities to see double and triple-digit returns every week of the year…

In up markets…

And in down markets.

In the past 12 months, Amber has delivered Profit Amplifier members 49 winning trades… including double and triple-digit winners like these:

If you’d been a Profit Amplifier member and taken a $10,000 stake in each of these opportunities…

Today, you could be sitting on a free and clear profit of $64,400.

That’s enough to buy a brand new Cadillac CTS…

AND still cover your Profit Amplifier membership fee more than 8 times over.

That’s the kind of wealth-building power you’ll have in your corner as a Profit Amplifier member.

And don’t forget…

Two New “Mega” Opportunities Are Set To Arrive Within Days

Amber will release her brand-new “Seasonal” and “Perfect Storm” trades within the next few days.

In the past, similar opportunities have generated returns of up to 90% over periods as short as 5 days.

And only Profit Amplifier members will receive instant email alerts on both opportunities the moment Amber’s ready to enter the trades.

But her “Seasonal” and “Perfect Storm” trades are just the tip of the iceberg because Amber’s Profit Wave System identifies new, massive opportunities every week of the year.

And as a Profit Amplifier member, you’ll have the opportunity to bank profits on these trades long before non-members realize the market has moved.

Join Today and Receive
These Exclusive Bonuses

When you join Profit Amplifier today, we’ll include these three bonus reports.

Each is designed to get you up and running with options trading quickly and easily… with zero frustration.

BONUS REPORT #1: Options 101: The 15-Minute Starter’s Guide to Options Trading

report coverIn this guide, Amber removes all the mystery and complexity around options and how to trade them profitably.

Inside, you’ll discover how you can use options to:

Even if you’ve never traded options in your life, this report reveals, step-by-step, everything you need to know to get started with Profit Amplifier immediately. With zero frustration.

BONUS REPORT #2: Profit Amplifier’s Brokerage Guide

report coverBefore you can trade options in your account, you need clearance from your broker. If you’re not already cleared, this plain English guide boils it down to a simple process you can knock out in 5 minutes flat. It might also save you some cash… because inside, we reveal our exclusive list of online brokers who offer excellent commission rates and superior customer service.

And even if you already trade options, your current broker could be overcharging you. This guide will allow you to compare rates and pick the broker who’s the best fit for your budget and trading style.

BONUS REPORT #3: Little Black Book of Trading Secrets

report coverInside this confidential, “for your eyes only” report, Amber reveals the exact process she uses to find profitable trade opportunities… and the crucial factors she applies to ensure they’re winners.

The checklist Amber shares in this report is the same one she uses to generate double and triple-digit gains every week of the year… no matter what direction the markets are moving.

You won’t find trading secrets like these available anywhere else at any price.

If they were available for sale, each of these bonus reports would cost you $199.

But you’ll receive instant access to this entire “options trading library”— a $597 value — absolutely FREE when you join Profit Amplifier today.

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive
As A Profit Amplifier Member

52 Weeks of Profit Amplifier Trade Alerts

text messageThat means over the next 12 months, you’ll receive between 50 and 70 trade opportunities…

Each one has the potential to turn a $10,000 stake into as much as $28,500… over time periods ranging from one day to a few weeks.

Each Profit Amplifier trade alert will hit your inbox the moment Amber identifies an opportunity.

And remember, you don’t need to know anything about options trading for this system to generate massive short-term wins for you.

Your email alert will contain simple instructions you can read verbatim to your broker…

Or if you prefer, you can copy and paste the symbol into your online brokerage account…

Click a button or two…

Then sit back and wait for the profits to roll in.

And Amber doesn’t leave you alone to decide when to exit a trade.

The moment her Profit Wave System determines it’s time to book your profits, she’ll send an instant email alert directly to your inbox containing precise instructions on how to close out the trade…

Lock in your gains…

And prepare to invest in the next double or triple-digit breakout opportunity.

As a Profit Amplifier member, you’ll also receive…

Weekly Market Outlook Updates

weekly updatesEach week, Amber will send you an exclusive briefing containing her outlook and commentary on the stock market and the economy… plus, any new “big picture” opportunities she’s tracking. With these reports close at hand, you’ll never be at a loss for the most up-to-date market overviews.

Members-Only Website

websiteThe moment you join Profit Amplifier, you’ll receive a username and password to access Amber’s secure, private website. Inside, you’ll have unrestricted access to all of Amber’s detailed research reports, every Trade Alert she’s ever issued, plus her entire library of exclusive investment reports, briefings, and trainings.

Direct Access to Amber

AmberInside the Profit Amplifier membership site, you’re able to interact directly with Amber through the Stock Talk discussion forum. While she’s unable to offer personal investment advice, Amber checks the group for messages and questions on daily basis and often replies personally.

VIP Concierge Service

customer serviceAs a Profit Amplifier member, you also become part of our Profitable Trading VIP community. And we make sure you’re treated accordingly! That means you’ll get an exclusive phone number where you can reach our dedicated VIP Concierge team every weekday during business hours. The team is standing by to ensure any questions, concerns, or problems you have as a member are dealt with quickly, thoroughly, and professionally.

Join Profit Amplifier Now and Save $997

Only 100 73 Membership Seats Remaining Today at This Discounted Rate

A one-year membership in Profit Amplifier normally costs $1,994.

But when you join today, you’ll receive a full year of Profit Amplifier—including the bonus reports and everything else I’ve shown you here—for only $997.

That’s 50% off the normal rate.

And remember, when you join Profit Amplifier… you‘re backed by Amber’s no-hassle 1,000% performance guarantee…

And there’s no fine print on this guarantee…

Either Amber delivers the results she promises… or she works for free for a second year. A quick call to your VIP Concierge representative is all that’s necessary.

It’s Time to Make Your Move

This discounted membership rate is only available to the next 100 73 people to join Profit Amplifier today.

And at this price, I don’t expect the remaining seats to last much longer.

If you wait even a few hours to make your decision, you risk missing out on Amber’s brand-new “seasonal” and “perfect storm” opportunities…

Plus, as many as 70 double and triple-digit opportunities that Amber will deliver over the next 12 months.

Only Profit Amplifier insiders receive Amber’s weekly trade alerts…

And see regular opportunities to turn $10,000 into $20,964 in as little as five days.

Don’t let someone else claim the membership seat you rightly deserve.

Enter your details in the order form below and join Profit Amplifier right now.

Both Amber and I look forward to welcoming you as a new member very soon.


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