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The big day is almost here

Jeff LittleHi, it’s Jeff Little.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you enjoy your day – no matter how you celebrate it.

Speaking of which, before you sign out for the day...

I wanted to remind you the big day is almost here!

At 10 a.m. ET tomorrow we’ll press play on our Income Millionaire Project webinar.

It’s been a long week of preparation. For you. And my team.

Because while we’ve been hammering away at the final technical details of broadcasting our event to the thousands and thousands of people who’ve signed up…

You’ve gone through something of a crash course on income generation with all the content we posted on the Income Millionaire Project event website.

And your reward for all that “work” comes tomorrow.

Because when you head over to you’ll have the opportunity to watch Amber pull the wraps off her stunning instant income technique.

One that I’m guaranteeing will give you opportunity to generate $1 million in retirement income.

I recorded a quick video about tomorrow’s event. Simply click on the box below to watch it.

And if you just signed up for the event in the past day or two…

You can review all our posts by clicking here.

They’re a great way to get up to speed before the webinar airs tomorrow.

And whatever you do…

Make sure you go to a few minutes early.

We’re posting the video promptly at 10 a.m. on the dot and I don’t want you to miss a thing!

See you soon,

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Jeff Little
The Income Millionaire Project